Robert Deignan’s Entrepreneurial Journey To Success

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan and his company, ATS Digital Services, have been highly praised as the first call center to receive certification by AppEsteem Corporation to make premium support services available to consumer software applications.

AppEsteem established its credentials for certification in accordance with input from consumer groups, government regulators, the software industry, law enforcement and more. ATS Digital Services completed all of the 39 requirements that it takes to obtain certification.

AppEsteem, which was launched by a team of cybersecurity veterans, started its certification process in 2016 and plans to involve payment processors, advertising networks and more.

Making both free and premium services available, AppEsteem identifies applications and services that may harm consumers. The company encourages the development and sharing of clean applications while at the same time opposing fraudulent practices.

Deignan commented in a statement the company, which is excited to be connected to AppEsteem, works at the top level on the subject of consumer-friendly practices.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Purdue University, Deignan co-founded Fanlink and then went on to become executive vice president of iS3 where he worked for nine years.

The software company, iS3, tackles issues that include digital security, computer maximization and tailored technical support.

His departure from iS3 led the way for Deignan to co-found ATS Digital Services, which has provided technical assistance to hundreds of thousands of customers by telephone or by screen sharing since 2011. He is also the chief executive of the company.

The Miami, Florida-based company works with products and services that include tablets, desktops, laptops, network connectivity, digital storage and more. It also attaches the utmost importance to customer service.

Being from Florida, Deignan takes pleasure in a day at the Atlantic Ocean as well as a love for boats and fish. He has participated in many fishing competitions and tournaments.

Jason Hope: The Tech Entrepreneur And Advocator Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is one of those people who tried to take his passion and turn it into a business. He has always been oriented towards developing technologies and has an extremely large pool of knowledge about it. Today, he uses that knowledge and skill to fuel other ideas and projects that are working to improve the technology that people are currently using. He is an individual who is always thinking about the future and what one can do to improve the technology that goes around these days. He actively invests into businesses that he believes can fuel our future and work for the betterment of our lives. He knows what it takes to be a tech entrepreneur and is thus helping other entrepreneurs live out their dream. By doing this, he owns his share in numerous tech ventures that have proven to be hugely successful.

Jason Hope is a firm believer in Internet Of Things, which is a concept that everything in the future will be governed by the internet. According to this idea, every thing that a person uses, right from their household appliances to all their work would be up on virtual servers. These control everything that a person owns, under one common network. Jason Hope is one of the people that sees this as a viable direction in which our society is heading into, and therefore thinks that investing into companies that function well with that idea is always good. Most of the companies that he has given life to stem from the fact that they can be viable if the internet of things comes into place.

Jason Hope has been working in the field of technology since the start of his career. He always knew that he wanted to enter the field of technology and work in it. Being an entrepreneur, he had a firm grasp over business ideas and methodologies that one could implement to be successful and to make his ideas the businesses that they are today. Today, Jason Hope is seen as one of the biggest tech investors in the entire country and is working to bring more and more ideas to live with every endeavor that he takes on. For more info about us: click here.

In addition to working in the technological sector, he is also a huge philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community and doing his bit to help society. He has stated numerous times that philanthropy is one of the main focuses of his life, and believes that he can contribute to making a difference. He has been the founder of numerous organizations that work to help people who have been diagnosed with a range of life threatening diseases and disorders.

Eric Pulier the Entrepeneur of Today

Eric Pulier is widely recognized as one of the leading thinkers and business entrepreneurs today. Owning several diverse companies, focusing on technology and how they help people in everyday life, Pulier has contributed greatly to the technological advances of the modern age. Although not many people have heard of this man, if you speak to anyone in the industry his name is pretty well known.

Pulier has been familiar with technology from a young age. He began programming computers at the young age of four and has not stopped since. His first company was created in his high school years where he made computer database programs. Finding success, he later moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue more efforts. Currently he owns close to a dozen companies of his creation and is an important member on the board of many others. He has invested greatly in technology for children with terminal illnesses and special needs such as Starbright World, in which children can find others with similar illnesses or situations and share their experiences privately with security.

Having a family himself, he finds inspiration from his kids even through his busy schedule. No matter the day he likes to always find time for them, as he says in one interview for, “I do my best to get solid rest each night, and with four kids I’ve got a whirlwind of activity that normally fills any available moment with planned (and more often unplanned) activities.” Rare it is for busy business owners to set aside time for their family each day for more ifno: click here.

Looking to the future Pulier plans to keep up with modern trends, and expand his thinkin to new possibilities. He has realized that the invention of several smaller things can collaborate into something else entirely. In the same interview with he relates this to Uber. “Uber is a good example of this, where the proliferation of GPS enabled smart phones, the opening of Google Maps APIs, and low cost cloud computing, came together and suddenly remade the transportation industry.” Pulier is a successful entrepreneur and anyone else looking to build their own company can definitely learn a thing or two from his mentality, work ethic and charity.

Egoverne Starts To Take Off In The Government Health Sector

It has been a few years since Minauro, Sisteplan, and Consult put together their Egoverne suite of hardware and software services in order to cater to government agencies in Brazil and other countries. So far, in terms of acceptance and revenue, the project continues to head in the right direction.


One area, health care, has become one of the most complete products available on the market. Here are some of the ways that Egoverne is helping government agencies create more efficiency in the Mercosur marketplace:




Throughout Brazil and other South American countries that Egoverne deals with, the local government has responsibility to organize specific medical treatment and diagnosis appointments for the entire population. They therefore need a centralized scheduling feature that allows them to create a schedule that will not overlap. Egoverne offers a scheduling capability that can not only be available anywhere that medical staff are present, it can also scale well to whatever size the government agency needs it to be.




Vaccines are another concern for local government health agencies. Not only do they need to schedule patients to come in to have checkups and vaccinations, they also need to coordinate a vaccination campaign with warehouses that contain vaccine so that they can ensure that the right amount of medicine is always on hand. The Pharmacy feature of Egoverne Saude allows for scheduling and drug coordination, making it easy for field physicians to maintain the physical supplies that they need on site as they serve a local population.


Offering pharmacy inventory as a feature also means that you need to be accurate when it comes to identifying what it is that you have. Egoverne therefore has built in safety to the data entry process, lowering the number of potential problems.




Of course creating an extensible health system for local governments in Brazil requires that you also offer hospital bed management and patient scheduling. The beauty of having a system like this integrated is that when hospitals start switching over to infused drug treatments for patients, the data from the infusing machine that is bedside will be able to flow into the hospital bed record information, automating the process of data collection to save time for the government hospital workers.


Another feature of hospital bed management is that patients that require recovery therapies can have those therapies or plans integrated into the feature set so that physicians and specialists can check off each part of a plan that is complete as it is finished. If the plans are standardized before they are submitted for integration, it will make it easy for Egoverne to customize their base system and add that capability.


Mercosur has been working hard to standardize how companies and the government does business so that market participants can apply their products across markets. By coming together to combine their prowess in data application development and security, Minauro, Sisteplan, and Consult have put together a set of health care applications that are making waves with local governments in Brazil.