Rona Borre: The Most Sought After Professional in the Human Capital Sector

        Rona Borre joined Sapphire Technologies

As an authority in the human capital sector, Rona has committed her career to matching her clients with the talented specialist in the market. Since establishing Instant Technology, currently known as Instant Alliance, back in 2001, Rona has leveraged her passion and expertise for sourcing talents to deliver exceptional service to her customers and the entire Chicago market. She strongly believes that talent is an instrumental factor that can promote organization’s growth. Therefore, she collaborates with her workers to make sure that her clients are getting the best talent available in the market.  Source:


Education and career


Rona Borre joined the University of Arizona in 1991 and studied business administration with a major in marketing. She graduated in 1995 and secured a job at the Team Alliance in April 1995 to serve as an accounting executive. After a short stint at Team Alliance, Rona Borre joined Sapphire Technologies as the senior accounting executive in April 1996. She left the firm in November 2001 to establish Instant Technology, LLC, a leading provider of state-of-the-art human capital as well as software solutions. She created Instant Alliance to expand the operations of Instant Technology to the finance and accounting sector.  More of this on




Rona and her company have bagged numerous accolades, including Enterprising Woman of the Year issued by the Enterprising Women Magazine in 2011 and honor by the University of Illinois. Rona is one of the highly sought after executives in the human capital sector. She has been featured in popular journals and newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Wallstreet Journal, and the U.S. News.

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