Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME May Be For You

In the field of cosmetic surgery, not only are the procedures advancing with the rest of technology but so are the interfaces in which patients communicate with medical professionals. While it is fairly commonplace for hospitals and larger medical practices to offer patient portals online as well as apps that can be accessed through the patient’s phone or tablet, it’s almost unheard of for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna hopes to change that with his new cosmetic procedure chain OVME. OVME was created by Dr. Mark McKenna with the intention of being the what Uber is for passengers but for Botox and other minor cosmetic procedure patients.

OVME is based out of Atlanta, Georgia but has plans to expand to locations across the United States. While OVME may only have opened its doors in 2017, it is already one of the national leaders in the industry of medical aesthetics. The tech-enabled company includes methods for patients to interact with doctors electronically that will allow free-lance physicians to make house calls to the patients where it is convenient and comfortable for them. This coincides with brick and mortar retail locations that are set up with the patients’ needs in mind. Dr. Mark McKenna designed OVME to be a luxury experience for patients who want the best experience with their cosmetic procedures. They are designed to look more like a spa than a medical facility.

Before opening OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna owned Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, also known as ShapeMed. This facility was known as one of the best facilities in the Atlanta area for non-surgical cosmetic procedures and weight loss. ShapeMed was also driven by the needs of the patients and understood that each patient’s needs will differ from the rest.

After the sale of ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness, Dr. Mark Mckenna stayed on their staff for about a year before moving on to his own endeavors. While he earned his medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine, Dr. Mark Mckenna is also an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur.



Jeff Aronin’s philanthropy with Paragon Biosciences

Jeff Aronin goal to make life easier for people with rare conditions was marked by a particular event. He saw a doctor who was met with a critical decision. He had a child who suffered from terrible seizures as a patient and he had two options: treating him with a complex and risky surgical procedure or treating him with medicine. He chose to the latter option first, saving the child from the trauma and risk of a surgery and helping to profoundly improve the child’s condition (Premiergazette).

That moment created a passion for improving patients’ lives that Jeff Aronin has had his whole career. Helping people, especially those with painful and rare diseases, live better lives is the maxim that drives Aronin and his team to investigate, create and commercialize medicines for people with uncommon medical needs. He is Paragon Biosciences’ CEO since 2010 and he inspires and commits Paragon members to make a difference and to share his philanthropic view of their work.

That’s the reason why he supports many organizations devoted to improving the condition of patients that suffer a variety of rare and overlooked diseases. These include Susan G. Komen, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Pharmacological Treatment of Epilepsy, and many more. Also, he contributes to several NGOs with various goals, especially education, as he believes in it as a change causer: Teaching Tolerance, Jewish United Fund, Junior Achievement, AIPAC, Illinois Holocaust Museum, Anti-Defamation League (ADF), Independent Map Amendment, Chicago Parks Foundation, Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, ORT America, and dozens more.

Jeff Aronin, as Paragon Biosciences’ CEO, supports his Chicago community in many different ways. Aronin was appointed as a member of the board of directors of World Business Chicago by the city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel. WBC is an association between the City’s government and private companies aimed to help job growth in the city. Jeff Aronin is also on the board of directors of Discover Financial Services. He also collaborates with ChicagoNEXT, the Museum of Science and Industry. He is also the founder of MATTER; a groundbreaking healthcare incubator focused on research on the biopharmaceutical industry.