Living Longer with ORGANO Gold Coffee.

ORGANO Gold is a worldwide firm that sells coffees, teas, and personal care products. The company was founded in 2008 and has become a world leader in helping people connect to the resources of the earth. ORGANO Gold has independent distributors in over fifty countries around the world.

ORGANO Gold has a variety of products for the consumer to try.The company has beverages like Gourmet Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Latte, Mocha, and Supreme as well as teas like Green, Black Ice, and Red Tea. The company’s main bread and butter is coffee and it may lead to living a longer life.
In a study published in USA Today, a study suggests that drinking coffee may lead to a person living a longer life. The benefits and disadvantages of coffee drinking have been made in numerous studies and more work needs to be done. A study examined just over one-hundred eighty-five thousand Americans and those that drank coffee had a lower risk of dying from stroke, heart disease, and cancer. The groups that showed particular results were African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and Whites.
A second study took a look at Europeans. Five hundred and twenty thousand people in ten countries took part in this study. The results were the same across the board here as well. Those who drank two or more cups of coffee each day had a lower risk of dying the same diseases in the American study. A study like this is great news for a company like ORGANO Gold to extend the sales base.
ORGANO Gold is a firm believer in giving the people of the world what they want in their coffee, tea, and personal care products. That is the heart of ORGANO Gold and the company intends to keep it that way.

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MB2 Dental Solutions: Administrative And Organization Solutions For Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He is a dentist who knows what other dentists need in terms of running their clinic. When he completed his dental college, he was faced with the option of either starting up his practice or joining a large organization. The problem with starting up his clinic was that he would have to do all the tasks of running the clinic by himself. This is usually what the chief doctor at his clinic does. Right from administration to finance, the dentists have to perform all sorts of tasks, which can take away from the beauty of dentistry. The other option of joining a large organization is not something that a lot of people choose. These organizations are run by individuals who have no experience in medicine or dentistry and therefore only focus on the monetary aspects of each patient visiting. This can take away from the aspect of giving patients a more personalized experience. Just like Dr. Villanueva, dentists all over the country face the same predicament, which is why he saw this as a brilliant opportunity to start something that would be of great help to dentists in America.

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that was founded by doctors, for doctors. The organization works to give dentists their staff of professionals who will run the place so that the dentist can focus on providing top tier dental and orthodontic treatment to their customers. The organization works with two plans, one being for dentists who are new to the profession, and the other being for those who have been practicing doctors for a while. The first option takes dentists straight out of college and pairs them up with an existing MB2 Dental Solutions clinic, which already has a doctor who has a good amount of experience working there. This is done so that the new dentist can learn all that he needs to on the job and go on to leading his clinic some day. The second option is for those who have been practicing dentists for a while and who already have their clinic. This option lets them pair up with MB2 Dental Solutions so that they can use their clinic as their center and also offer them the people they need to help run the dental clinic.

Currently, MB2 Dental Solutions is operation in six states and has a large pool of doctors working with them.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Teams Up With Other Organizations Against Prostate Cancer

The most common type of cancer that men get is prostate cancer. Early screening for this disease is very important as the earlier that prostate cancer is caught the more treatable it is. Three organizations have now teamed up in order to increase awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of early screening for it. These groups include the National Football League Alumni Association as well as LabCorp and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They will combine in order to reach men that they should be looking to get screened for prostate cancer if they are age 40 or more.
Through the dates of September 1st and October 15th men who meet certain eligibility requirements will be able to obtain a free Prostate Specific Antigen screening. These will be provided by LabCorp and men can get screened at any of their 1,750 locations spread across the United States. After LabGen has provided 2,000 of these free screenings men will then be able to obtain one of these screenings for just $25 through the month and a half long sign-up period.
Statistics show that prostate cancer affects one out of every seven men in the U.S. Men who are high-risk for prostate cancer should start getting screened at age 40. High-risk factors are things such as a history of the disease in the family as well as their race. Studies show that African-American men, in particular, are at high risk as they are 70% more likely to develop this disease than other men.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America will be hosting campaign events throughout this period. These will take place in the cities in which they have facilities which include Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Phoenix. The Chief of Radiation Oncology at this organization, Dr. Sean Cavanaugh, says that getting a screening is the first defense that men should seek when dealing with this disease.

Highland Capital Management Is Growing Daily

Highland Capital Management has been growing over the years since James Dondero started the company, and he has ensured that the company has billions of dollars under management. This article explains how the company has been built by James Dondero, and he has given back to his community in the same way. He knows how to help people, and he knows how to help his clients earn money.

#1: The Design Of The Company

James is one of the most-brilliant investors in the world, and there are many people who are searching for ways to earn money from investment. He has invested in foreign debt, stocks and international investments. He has one of the most-diverse companies in the world, and he has ensured that it has grown to several billion dollars under management.

#2: The Company’s Giving

James Dondero is committed to giving, and he hired Linda Owens to help his company give back. The company is quite large, and they have money they have saved to help people receive charitable contributions. The company has given to many pursuits, and James has done so with his own money.

#3: The Company Is Cutting Edge

Highland Capital Management is willing to invest in things that other companies may not. James is a creative investor who knows how to help people make changes to their investments, and he has chosen to invest in things such as foreign debt so that the company could earn more money. There are many people who will earn more money because of what Highland Capital Management does, and they will find that it is easy to invest with the company because the brokers at HCM do much of the work for the clients or customers.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management has earned the reputation it has built, and they are doing much more than investing. They are helping the company grow, and they are hoping to show that the community may grow through their giving. The giving is done to help Dallas grow, and the people who need help the most may count on this company.

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The Latest Oil Discovery From Talos Energy, LLC

On July 12, 2017, Talos Energy, LLC made an announcement regarding a historic oil discovery took place in offshore Mexico with the Zama-1 exploration well. This is the very first offshore exploration well that has drilled by the private sector in all of the history of Mexico. This is being touted as a significant and historical discovery and President and CEO Tim Duncan has nothing but praise for all of the highly skilled personnel from both Mexico and the United States that have been working to make this discovery a reality.


Duncan went on to explain that this discovery shows exactly what the energy reforms have wanted to deliver, which includes new participants, new capital and good, old fashioned ingenuity that can bring about not only government revenues for Mexico, but also local jobs. Duncan and Talos Energy are now eager to begin analyzing the discovery and working on drilling for more unique opportunities, stating that the future seems to be bright for offshore Mexico over the years to come.


Talos Energy is a private company for upstream oil and gas that has a focus on the exploration as well as the acquisition and exploitation of certain properties for oil and gas while focusing on the areas of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf Of Mexico. Talos Energy has been backed by investment funds that are affiliated with the companies known as Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos Management and Riverstone Holdings, LLC.


As a technically-driven and highly motivated company for independent exploration and production, Talos Energy, LLC has been focused on both oil and natural gas properties for several years that are primarily located in the Gulf Of Mexico for the developed deepwater and shelf, as well as the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast. Their year-end net resulted in reserves of well over 100 million BOE as well as the production of roughly 30,000 BOW per day that is net to the interest of the company. Across the year 2015, Talos had the ability to leverage both operational and technical expertise throughout projects in the Gulf Of Mexico to expand the acreage position for two blocks of shallow exploration located off of the coast of Mexico.

Managing Cancer Treatment Records and Bills with Clinical Pathways

Cancer treatment is not cheap. Patients will have to pay at least $4,000 for treatment. Cancer treatment facilities try to keep expenses down. However, this is not an easy thing to do. New research produces new drugs that must be charged as a high treatment option. Unless a person is fortunate enough to have a lot of money; cancer treatment can and will break most people financially. Not even their insurance can cover everything.

One of the best ways for oncologists to keep track of patient expenses is by having accurate records. Accurate records will allow them to keep track of treatments that work and to figure out if new treatments are needed as well. They can also use a patient’s records to find the treatment options that can be charged with as little money as possible. Even though patients usually have insurance that can be applied for treatment they will still have to pay out of pocket.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of American has teamed up with software vendors known as Allscripts and Nanhealth to create Clinical Pathways. This program provides accurate patient tracking of treatment and services. This way cancer treatment organizations can keep a cancer patient’s medical treatment costs under control.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been around since the 80s. This organization is a leading national cancer treatment provider. They ensure that patients receive the latest care form highly qualified and trained medical staff. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue their fight to help patients to recover from and to manage this disease.

Omar Yunes Named The World’s Best Franchisee After bringing Sushi To Mexico

Omar Yunes, one of Mexico’s most successful business leaders in the franchise industry recently attended the Bets Franchisee of the World competition in Florence, Italy and took home the largest prize on offer. The Mexico-based entrepreneur made his name as a franchisee in Mexico for the Sushi Itto brand he made his first investment in at the tender age of just 21 before continuing to establish franchises across the nation throughout the 21st century to bring his total to 13 by the end of December 2016.

Sushi Itto has become a major success for the owners of the brand and its Mexican franchise base, of which Omar Yunes owns around 10 percent of all Mexican franchises; after making his initial investment in a franchise in Mexico, Omar Yunes has set out to take the Sushi Itto brand to various parts of Mexico with franchises established in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz.

Although he himself was named the overall winner of the Best Franchisee of the World competition, Omar Yunes was quick to point to the 400 staff members who work in his Sushi Itto franchises across Mexico and the brand itself, which Omar explained had given his franchise the ability to innovate to create successful franchises across Mexico. The work completed by Omar Yunes over the course of his career with Sushi Itto has been recognized at a regional level for a number of years with this latest recognition at the global level seen as a sign of the growing importance of Mexican franchise holders and entrepreneurs on the global stage of world business.

Omar Yunes does not limit himself to simply enjoying his life as an entrepreneur and innovator on a business level, he has also been looking to expand his horizons by continuing his life-long love of soccer in support of Mexican team Pumas de la Unam and the Catalan giants FC Barcelona. As with every well-coached soccer team, Omar Yunes believes clear communication is the key to his work as a successful franchisee who can explain his needs to his employees with ease.

The Legal Assistance of Ricardo Tosto

Whenever you require legal assistance in areas related to civil and commercial law, Ricardo Tosto is an excellent professional to turn to. She has been one of the premier lawyers in the nation of Brazil for many years. His reputation precedes him, due to the fact that a great deal of people trust Ricardo Tosto any time they find themselves in need of assistance with issues related to bankruptcy, breach of contract, civil negotiation, the restructuring businesses and more. This has garnered Ricardo Tosto a great deal of a claim in both mainstream publications and legal journals.

On top of everything that has been written about Ricardo Tosto, she also publishes political articles related to the happening of resilient legislation. Ricardo Tosto Has practiced law in Brazil for many years and is the cofounder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Due to his time practicing at this firm, the firm has risen to prominence and is considered part of the Legal 500, due to their many contributions.

Ricardo Tosto holds a degree in law from Mackenzie and has several achievements to his name. In addition to his legal specialties, Ricardo Tosto specializes in politics and has written several articles related to his legal experience and as a whole in Brazil. He has served as a director for Brazilian companies and has extensive understandings of the ins and outs of both management and human resources.

Ricardo Tosto is a skilled attorney that is also bilingual – as he speaks fluent Portuguese and English. This is allowed to develop an international presence, as referenced by his belonging to the International Bar Association. He also holds the ship in the Brazilian Bar Association. Ricardo Tosto has served admirably on a number of boards and committees all of the world, including countries like Switzerland.

The more that you understand about the lawyer that you are looking to get representation from, the easier it will be for you to trust them for the work that you are looking for. Be sure that you get in touch with Ricardo Tosto if you need any sort of help and assistance in this regard.

Omar Tunes Wins Award At BFW

Omar Yunes attended the Best Franchisee of The World event that took place in 2015 in Florence, Italy. He served as one of the few representatives from Mexico. The competition is held every single year and is a way for leaders from all across the world to be honored and recognized for their various contributions to their individual franchises. Before attending the event in Italy, Mexico held their very own regional version of their event. They did this as a way for the country to decide who to send. Alongside Omar Yunes stood Iván Tamer, who also served as a representative for Mexico.

The award ceremony and competition honors and recognizes the efforts of franchisees all across the world. Judges want unique franchisees who contribute to their franchisees, implement new programs for the market and for savings, and leaders who constantly motivate and encourage their employees. A perfect example of this type of Franchisee was Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto. He successfully walked away with the title of first place. Omar Yunes was first recognized for the unique relationship he created with his franchise. The relationship was not only personalized but still very professional. This resulted in a better relationship with employees and a better customer service relationship. Yunes also implemented a new control system that made managing his units a whole lot easier. Omar Yunes first bought a franchise of Sushi Itto at age 21. Since then, he has been able to open up 13 succesful units all across different cities in Mexico. His workforce includes around 400 employees and is consistently expanding.

The second representative, Ivan Tamer, is franchisee of Prendamex. Prendamex is a series of very successful Pawnshops located in and throughout Mexico. He was recognized for the new marketing system he implemented with his own franchise. Many other businesses are interested in copying this system and model so they can achieve the same success. Together, both these men are allowing Mexico to receive the recognition they deserve.

A group of successful people from different walks of life took on a mission to be the bridge to morality, human rights, animal rights and more. Most people in the world want to get along with one another, help and love one another. However, there are times when top officials, laws, and regulations become corrupt. founders mission is to “organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” ( They bring people together from different countries, different career backgrounds and experiences to give a voice for the people. They have founders with like minds working from different parts of the world. Their team is “managed by a team of campaigners working from over 30 countries.” ( Members connect with each other via technology such as email. is a great organization that only accept personal donations. They built the organization one member at a time. When volunteers visit their different social media sites, they will find campaigns for different causes. Relief in Haiti is a cause promoted seven years ago on the Avaaz youtube channel. It shares the hardships Haiti experienced during the devastating earthquake, January 12, 2010. Many people lost their homes and were in starvation. Avaaz launched a Global appeal giving $19,331 in food, shelter, and hope.

Visiting website will find campaigns on the Paris Climate, Gay Tortures, Saving our Ocean and more. The Paris Climate is an important campaign to help keep all six continents on the global deal to remove carbon emissions to zero. In the Gay Tortures campaign, citizens are asked to stop the torture in the gay community. Save our Ocean campaign is promoting for people around the world to stop littering plastic because it may kill off the fish by 2050.