The Brazilian Trabuco And Its Modern Use

A trabuco is simply a trebuchet. These two words can be used interchangeably since trabuco is the Portuguese way of saying trebuchet. Trebuchets were used in ancient and medieval warfare. They were invented by the Chinese sometime around 400 B.C. and about 1000 years later they started to appear in medieval European era. The trabuco gave way to the big artillery guns that are used by military forces.

There are some people who use trebuchets. Trabuco are used in a sporting competition called pumpkin chucking. The following information will explain the best uses for the trabuco in modern day Brazilian society. The nation of Brazil is considered the leading country in the South American hemisphere.

This nation offers lust environments, a vibrant culture and great education facilities If you attend some of these universities and take up some engineering classes; you might discover that some courses teach engineering principles based on the trabuco.

These devices were (and still are) great feats of engineering. They rely on various types of motions, use different amounts of tension and involve the use of torsion. This is a great apparatus that also shows people how mechanical energy can be used to hurl objects at a great distance. This is a great way for engineering students to learn some basic principles according to

The Trabuco is not only used at universities it is also used for pumpkin chucking contests according to Pumpkin chucking was real popular in the 1980s. Since that time, it has become a legitimate sport enjoyed by people all over the world including Brazil. There are groups of pumpkin chucking teams that compete on a regular basis every year.

The trabuco is no longer a relevant weapon in warfare but it still enjoys a great deal of popularity from movies. Many dungeons and dragon tales involve the use of trebuchets attacking fortifications and armies with these war machines. Their inclusion in big budget films and dramatical television shows help people to remember the trabuco and the purpose they once served.

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Impressionable Facts About The Trabucos

Trabucos was a great machine that looked like a catapult, which was used in the ancient days to throw stones far to enemies to cause damage. The engine like equipment profoundly contributed to the defeat of enemies by a certain community and aided people with less skilled warriors to achieve victory. The Trabuco was first used by the Chinese in the fourth century and later adapted by the people of Brazil in the later sixth century. The unique war equipment would later be adapted by the Christian and Muslim societies in their wars back in the twelve and fourteenth centuries.

Trabuco heavily relies on the force applied at its edge as a result of the heavy stone or object placed on it to attack. Its lever like looks enabled the heavy object to be placed above the ground and pulled with a lot of force to ensure that enough harm is caused to the enemy. The person involved in firing the Trabuco must ensure that he makes the throwing arm at least ten times longer depending on the counterweight portion. Additionally, a sling was also used to ensure that the attack achieved more success at

According to the ancient history on, the Trabuco has first used a group of people known as the Mohists in China, back in the fourth century. The Mojing group also used it at the same time before the Avas community adapted its use later in the same century. It was later that the Brazilians adopted its use at the time when there was increased war in their country. As a result, Trabuco machine gained a lot of fame in many countries and continued to be used in many communities of the Chinese dynasty including the Jin, Sui, among others.

According to, due to the great advancements that people made in those days, the stone throwing machine was later outdone by the cannon powder which whose use widely spread in some countries all over the world. Though the Trabuco lost impact in the later centuries since its introduction, a significant number of individuals have used it in the recent years during the war including Syria and much more.