Helane Morrison Takes Over As SEC Chief Administrator

Before taking over as San Francisco’s SEC chief administrator, Helane Morrison had a lot of experience working at the office. Her appointment is not a surprise to those who know about her career. She says that top on her plans is to continue with the aggressive agenda of the office. Being the first woman to serve as the district’s chief administrator, a lot is expected of her. Morrison says that she has worked alongside many other professionals in the district over the past three years to strengthen their presence and impact. This explains why she is keen to keep the momentum going during her tenure as the head.


At 46 years, Morrison is now tasked with managing various programs including examination and enforcement. Her jurisdiction includes Oregon, Northern Carolina, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Nevada. Her predecessor, David Bayless had served as the administrator for five years. He now takes a new role as a partner at Morrison and Forester Law firm based in San Francisco. Since her first appointment at SEC in 1996, Morrison supervised major investigations.


The life of Helane Morrison


Morrison graduated from Northwestern College in Chicago with a B.S degree in journalism. At the University of California, she earned her J.D. She was already working as an editor of the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. She was already a popular person before completing her studies because of her editorial role at the magazine. When she graduated and started working a law clerk, everyone knew that her remarkable career had begun. Many tipped her to become an influential person. True to the expectations, she has risen through the ranks to become one of the senior administrators in the entire country.


When she joined Hall Partners LLC, her intentions were clear. She was determined to fight corporate gouging and financial deception evils. This she did publicly, and it made her get her rightful place as one of the best-suited people to create change in the society. In her words, she has always wanted to see justice being served to all. She, therefore, plans to use her position as the new chief of SEC to advance some of these objectives. From her past performance in various employments, there is no doubt that she is the right person for the position.