Graham Edwards: Leading Telereal Trillium Ltd

Telereal Trillium Ltd is a firm specializing in managing commercial properties, and they also offer investment products and services. The company’s headquarters can be found in London, United Kingdom, and it was formed in 1997 as Trillium ( When the company was acquired in the year 2000 by Land Securities, it has gone through several overhauls, and it was later on rebranded into its present name – Telereal Trillium Ltd. The organizational structure of the company also changed, giving way to Graham Edwards to become the company’s chief executive officer. Since becoming the leader of the company, Graham Edwards has shown his competence in heading the company, and he has taken several steps that would leave a great impact on the industry (Glassdoor).

His skills and expertise in doing commercial transactions have been his edge ever since he got the job as the CEO of Telereal Trillium Ltd. A few years ago, Graham Edwards was able to seal off a transaction which multiplied the number of properties being managed by Telereal Trillium Ltd. The number of properties which were transferred under their ownership was estimated at around 6,700, and the cost of the whole deal was about £2.4 billion. The whole transaction went easy, and Graham Edwards managed to raise the company’s value because of his brilliant move.

Another event a few years back made Graham Edwards as one of the most important people working for the company. He negotiated with Land Securities Group to acquire Trillium, and because of his skills in negotiations, he successfully closed the deal which cost more than £1 billion. It has also cemented the reputation of Telereal Trillium Ltd as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Before joining Telereal Trillium Ltd, Graham Edwards has worked with several companies, but he was never satisfied so he decided to look for another company which would make him feel at home. When he found out about Telereal Trillium Ltd, he never hesitated to join and become one of the company’s most hard-working employees. Now that he was bestowed an executive position, Graham Edwards promised that he would be doing everything that he can to continue the growth that the company is experiencing.



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