How Classdojo Is Revolutionizing Learning

Things always change, and this is evident in the education sector. This change has led the development of various innovations, especially of the technological variety. However, people in the education technology sector are still wary about debuting new products, considering the slump in sales experienced in previous years. However, there are various things companies can do to ensure that the products they release are always a hit with educators. These include;

  • Selling products that are developed to solve current problems faced by educators and learners.
  • Testing your products before you sell them to be assured of their quality and capabilities.
  • Set up a process that makes it easy to adopt and implement the use of your product in day to day learning.

One education technology company that has been working to create a positive culture within classrooms and school is Classdojo. The company is giving students a voice, by allowing them to develop individual online portfolios, which they can then share with their teachers and parents. This app works on various operating systems, allowing students teachers and parents to develop an accessible communication platform.

The company was established in June 2011, by Liam don and Sam Chaudhary and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Classdojo has been ranked as one of the fastest growing firms in its field. Its workforce consists of engineers, web designers and educators who work together to create the fantastic features found in the app.

Additions and changes made to the application, over time, may eventually cause parent-teacher meetings to be obsolete. This is because using the application teacher update their daily schedules. Additionally, since videos and photos can be posted using Classdojo, parents are always up to date on what their children are doing. According to their reports, about 8500 teachers working with children from kindergarten to 8th grade are using the application.

With time, the founders expect their app to grow and make learning even more enjoyable. This is by adding features that will allow parents to pay for things like lunches and field trips. Although the company is still young, they have managed to raise about 31 million dollars since 2015, and have lured new investors like Reach Capital, GSV, and Signalfire.

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