How Sweetgreen Has Grown Significantly

It was during their studies that Nathaniel Ru together with his other two friends found out the challenge that they had in finding good meals and healthy places to access meal around Georgetown. An idea arose in their mind of the possibility of having the solution to the problem would lie in the 560 square foot tavern on M street in the downtown area.

Their proposition has worked properly for more than six years since they opened a small eatery in the M street in the middle of the downtown. It has grown to become a 21-store farm-to-table type of restaurant famous as Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru recalls on how they first had challenges in contacting with the tenant of the tavern who also happened to be the tenant of the house in which they lived. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

He says that after a month of bothering her, she finally accepted to hold with them a face on face discussion. The three had all they required for the business, and they decided on first naming it Greens. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Afterwards, as Ru says, they toiled for three and half weeks looking for a baker and an architect. He recalls how the tenant was very friendly and was willing to help them as newbies in the restaurant field. He admits that they had received a blessing to encounter such a tenant and that it was the best time they had decided on the idea.

The restaurant is now under the new name Sweetgreen- one ‘e’ is reversed, and all the letters are lowercase. It has developed to open other branches in the major cities in the United States such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington. Its foods are always composed of fresh and healthy meals whose ingredients are bought from the farmers and purveyors in the surrounding.

Nathaniel Ru is famous as one of the three co-founders of the Sweetgreen restaurant. The other co-founders are his former classmates at Georgetown University-Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. The Sweetgreen they founded and run is a high-quality salad franchise and has now over forty outlets in many Northeastern Cities.

The three has many things in common. They are all from families that have private businesses. Their families are first-generation immigrants, and the three were also in the same entrepreneurship class.

Nathaniel Ru has continued to be steadfast in making Sweetgreen remain decentralised to avoid the restaurant depending on a single headquarter.

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