Mike Baur and his passion to develop the entrepreneurship sector in Switzerland

There are some Swiss individuals who are passionately working to flourish the entrepreneurship sector in Switzerland, and Mike Baur is a prominent name among them. He is a successful executive, investor, and entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio. He is mostly known as the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory as well as the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest. Besides these, he has also served in some leadership positions in different organizations and right now he is leading the revolution in the thriving entrepreneurship sector in the country.



Mike is a dynamic individual with multiple expertise which includes but do not limit to Private Banking, Investment, Start-ups, Finance and so on. He completed his Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from University of Applied Sciences, Bern and Executive Master of Business Administrating (EMBA) from Universität Bern. He also has a degree of Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.



After completing his studies, Mike started his career in UBS Wealth Management in 1991 and worked here till 2008 in different leadership positions. Afterward, he joined Clariden Leu in 2008 as the Business Area Head of Private Banking and worked here till 2012. Later on, he became the Head Private Banking at Sallfort Privatbank AG and served in this position for two years.



Once Mike had a substantial amount of expertise in banking sectors, he wanted to start his entrepreneurship career and founded Baur IS in 2014. In 2015, Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory AG which is one of the leading and pioneering startup accelerator platforms for tech entrepreneurs. Through this platform, Mike has been helping young entrepreneurs to realize their tech ideas into a money-making business. Mike has been serving as the Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory since 2015 and providing guidance and mentoring to young entrepreneurs. To boost the momentum of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, he also took the role of Vice President at Innovation Lab Fribourg in 2015, and he is now empowering student entrepreneurs from engineering, business and natural sciences background with their start-ups.



In the same year, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Association and took the position of Director in this association that has been working passionately to create a positive entrepreneurship environment in the country. In 2016, he became the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest which is another platform to finance new startups to grow. Also, he is also the owner of Think Reloaded as well. Although he has been involved with some organizations and sectors, his true passion lies with entrepreneurship, and he has been working very hard to boost the entrepreneur sector in Switzerland.

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