NBP VAN’s End-Of-Quarter Tips

The closer the end-of-quarter approaches, the more stress campaigns will feel. Digital teams and finance teams are pulled thin. NGP Van has four tips for conquering those end-of-quarter woes. NGP VAN is a leading software provider for predominantly progressive causes and major Democratic campaigns. A privately own DC based firm, NGP VAN provides services for organizing, phone banks, voter data bases, and online canvassing. 

The first tip is to keep a stash of emails on hand. When you are running low on new email ideas, you can reach into your stash and pull out something simple that you have been saving for that very moment. Something that doesn’t take much thought and can be formatted and sent out in no time. An idea for an email to keep handy is a simple informative email that provides people with evidence that your campaign is moving forward. This can include the amount of donations received by the campaign in a certain period of time like the quarter that is ending. Also an easy email ideas is informing people of the new followings you have on social media outlets including Facebook and Instagram as well as giving information on new volunteers that have signed up and new email subscribers that have signed up for your campaign as well.

A fun way to include people to your campaign happenings is to include a fun thermometer in an email that includes a meter of how close you are to reaching your quarterly goals. If people are able to see that you have goals that you are trying to reach and see that other people are contributing to your campaign reaching it’s goals, they will be more inclined to pitching in support for your to get passed that last little bit to get you where your are wanting to be campaign wise.

Second tip is to write in advance as much as you can so that you only have to send the emails when the time comes and take off some of the last minute pressure. Keep track of end of year happenings by listing everything on an up to date calendar. This is good for those who have several clients. Lastly, don’t be afraid to celebrate your success of reaching end-of-quarter goals. The celebration will keep you motivated.

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