NGP Van Is Making An Extraordinary Difference For Democratic Campaigns

Political organizing has become more sophisticated. Campaigns are connected to the voters with big data ensuring the platforms are more likely to be supported by the voters. This enables Democrats to identify their potential voter base. Many of the nationwide, massive campaigns such as President Obama’s were powered by NGP Van. They provide mobile and web tools for a successful campaign. NGP Van is a leader in technology and provides campaigns strategies based on technology. This provides Democrats with an edge.

Mobile software was being developed and tested in 2012. This was when NGP Van launched a mobile app called Pollwatcher that was used by the Obama campaign. The Democratic party began investing in resources to produce skills, knowledge, technologies and practices in 2004. This included the data, digital media and technologies necessary for contemporary electioneering. Political parties also use data bases, canvassing apps and mobile tools extensively.


NGP Van is a Voter Activation Network founded in 1997. They offer Democrats several tools for a technologically savvy campaign. These tools can analyze the data collected to quickly to determine if the campaign is progressing at an appropriate rate. These tools also provide a computerized program for fundraising. The platform keeps track of the donors and the donations. Canvassing is additionally uncomplicated with NGP Vans MiniVan. This digital experience was launched in 2018 and saves organizers time so the volunteers can begin canvasing door to door.


NGP Van has recently released their ActBlue integration. This provides campaigns with instant contribution access. This information is also available through the NGP 8 suite. These two programs share a unique interface to help decrease any redundancy while creating more efficient strategies for political campaigns and fundraising. A direct interface with the donation websites is made possible. NGP Van is improving the experience with marketing automation to enable candidates to run organizing campaigns through multiple channels.

NGP Van may be the catalyst for Democrats interested in winning the races in the Senate and House in 2018. NGP Van has even been recognized for the best company culture with the CampaignTech Award. As time passes, the Democrats continue to be empowered by NGP Van.


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