Lime Crime Will Add Pizazz To Your Look

Lime Crime has many products including pop on nails, hair dyes, lipstick, eye shadows, and Hi-Lite palettes. Their hair dyes are available in colors such as Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, and Pony. You can even get your hair dyed in Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Dirty Mermaid, Anime, Jello, or Leeloo. There is even Salad, Gargoyle, and Sext. These hair dyes are available in permanent or tint versions so you can choose how long and how bold your want to go. They fade gradually too so you will never end up with dull-looking strands.


The lipsticks are available in Matte Velvetines, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetines, Perlees, Unicorn Lipstick, and even Diamond Crushers. The Hi-Lite makeup is perfect for highlighting parts of your face such as your cheekbones and will melt into your skin for seamless application. It will last all day to give you that nice glow. The pop on nails come in Black Magic, Oyster, Storm, Babu Baby, Lizard, and Camel so you have something to match every one of your moods and every occasion.


Lime Crime was founded by CEO Doe Deere. Lime Crime is a quality product that is well known for its bright and fun colors that would otherwise not be available in makeup items. Doe Deere launched her unique makeup line in 2008, a couple of week before Halloween. She wanted to have the colorful and wild colors she was after in order to match them to her wardrobe. She introduced her Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 followed by her Velvetines line in 2012. Lime Crime’s products are PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified and completely cruelty-free. Their products are not tested on animals and their products are also 100% vegan. This means that none of their products contain any byproducts such as beeswax, whey, lanolin, whey, or carmine.


Their headquarters are filled with employees who are animal lovers and many of them actively adopt and foster animals in need of love and attention. Everyone is committed to providing cosmetics that are cruelty-free and they are passionate about it. This is a company that values their furry friends.

Get To Know How Logan Stout Made It From Being A Star Athlete To A Successful Entrepreneur

Logan Stout started and enjoyed playing baseball and other sports at a tender age. Whenever he was taking part in any activity, he would look forward to achieving strategies of winning. Mr. Stout was born and raised in Richardson Texas and later graduated from a school called J.J Pearce High School. In his years in high school, he served as the Student Athletic Council. Also, during his senior and junior basketball seasons, he earned the title of MVP. While he was still schooling at Pearce, he became a champion of basketball and baseball.

Due to Mr. Stout’s mentality of always having to win in all that he does, he continued to be an Expert Baseball Athlete. He spent his 17 World Series events either coaching or playing. Also, he later earned a business degree at Panola, plus a Psychology degree from the Dallas University. Mt stout was successful in college baseball and managed to get many prestigious awards. While still serving as a youth minister, he as well coached at Dallas Baptist University. After finishing college, he played baseball with the Fort Worth Cats.

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Mr. Logan Stout enjoyed his youngster life playing and coaching baseball with friends and teammates. His passion, while serving as a mentor, is encouraging youngsters or starters who are about to lose hope in the game. His greatest achievement and happiness comes after seeing young children build their skills, improve their game, and most of all feel confident. Witnessing the transition of these starters to becoming champions is his greatest joy. He enhanced his passion by developing one of the largest baseball organization named as the Dallas Patriots. As the CEO of the Dallas Patriots, his goal is to offer accessible and affordable training to all. Youngsters have been able to recognize and maximize their potential since the Dallas Patriots was developed.

Mr. Logan Stout is thankful to his mentors, family, teachers, and above all God for his success. He resides in Frisco, Texas with his wife and two sons. In fact, whenever he is not at work, he loves being a loving husband and a devoted father to his lovely kids.

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Equities First Holdings is a Lending Company That Places Importance on The Lives of Their Borrowers

Equities First Holdings is providing an opportunity for investors to take advantage of their loan program in which they may be able to obtain loans for some of the lowest interest rates in the entire industry. What many people don’t necessarily always realize is that obtaining a loan after the application process isn’t an easy task. Not everyone gets approved for loans and if they do, it can be difficult to get a loan approved for the interest rate that they were seeking. By speaking with one of the representatives of Equities First Holdings, you can get an idea of whether or not obtaining a loan through them is going to benefit you or not.

Equities First Holdings isn’t simply a provider of loans that’s offering benefits for businesses, as they’re also placing a tremendous amount of importance on ensuring that they’re being fair in providing high net-worth individuals with the types of loans that they’re seeking as well. Equities First Holdings consists of an organization that is staffed by some of the most professional, experienced, trained, and knowledgeable employees, thus, giving applicants assurance of knowing that they’ll be able to receive the assistance that they need to properly get their loans started.

Equities First Holdings is offering non-purpose loans for high net-worth individuals. A non-purpose loan is a type of loan that utilizes the borrower’s securities as a form of collateral for the loan amount that they provide. By speaking with one of the consultants of Equities First Holdings, you’ll be able to get a good idea of whether you’re currently qualifying for the loans that they’re offering or not. Please be sure to speak with one of the representatives today, as they possess the knowledge that’s necessary for you to succeed as an investor. Borrowing may be what is required of you to take that first step towards success.

Flavio Maluf’s Academic, Career, and Entrepreneurial Journey

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian business executive and entrepreneur. He is the current head of Eucatex Group for the last three decades. Now in his mid-50s, Flavio is the husband to his wife of 31 years- Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. The couple resides in Sao Paulo together with their three children.


Flavio’s Early Life


Flavio Maluf is a professional mechanical engineer. He is an alumnus of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious institution of higher learning, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). So as to sharpen his managerial and business administration skills, Flavio left Brazil for the United States after graduating from FAAP. While in the U.S, he worked briefly as an administrator before enrolling for a one-year administration course at the New York University. In 1986, he returned to Brazil to take up a role as a trade executive for Eucatex Group a year later.


Career at Eucatex


Flavio’s hard work and diligence in his job impressed the management board of Eucatex, and within a few years, he was moved to the company’s industrial department. In 1996, he was incorporated into the executive arm of the business, following a decade of excellence. While in the executive, he took a keen interest in understanding how the company operated. Being a fast learner and an intelligent team leader, it took him slightly over a year to convince the company’s leadership that he was ripe for the presidency. He was appointed as president towards the end of 1997.


Flavio’s Presidency


For three decades now, Flavio has been focusing on modernizing operations at Eucatex Group as a way of making it competitive. The highlight of his tenure is his hands-on leadership, which has made operations in the company more efficient. According to him, being hands-on doesn’t make him a micro-manager. He gives his staff room to innovate and experiment, all to the benefit of the company.


As a way of endearing Eucatex Group to the immediate community, Flavio Maluf participates in community empowerment programs and philanthropy. He is a leading donor to Maternidade Idio Carli Hospital.



A Brief History of Eucatex


Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as a plates and panels production company. Its name was derived from the act of using eucalyptus as the raw material for its products. The company opened its first manufacturing plant, Chapas Unit, in Sao Paulo in 1954.




Omar Yunes Redefines the Franchising Sector in Mexico

Mexico has been a forgotten nation for a long time when it comes to the franchising business. This, however, is due to change thanks to Omar Yunes win of the Best Franchisee of the World award held in Florence, Italy in December 2015. Omar Yunes won the prestigious award defeating other franchisees that were representing the 34 countries in attendance.

To Omar Yunes and the entire Mexico Country, this is no mean achievement. The win comes in the wake of restructuring the franchising industry in the country, and the win is just an additional confirmation that Mexico as a country is ready and capable of handling international franchisee brands. This sentiment was also echoed by Diego Elizarrarrás, the official organizer of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) who expressed confidence in the potential of the industry.

Like any other award, the BFW award had some requirements in which the overall winner ought to have distinguished himself or herself for them to win. According to Diego and the jury, the award sought to establish the franchising-franchisee relationship, developments are undertaken by the franchisee to better the overall brand, how well information was managed and importantly the motivational levels of the employees. By winning the award, Omar Yunes proved to be quite an instrumental figure in the franchisee brand he represents, Sushi Itto.

Sushi Itto is a famous Japanese food chain brand with stores all over the world. Mr. Omar’s interest in this food chain brand dates back in his formative years. With only 21 years, Omar Yunes was a proud franchisee of the food chain. He, however, did not stop at one. As he progressed with years, he would later expand his ownership to 13 food chain stores that are distributed across, Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a distinguished figure in the franchising world. Current the entrepreneur has a stake of 10% in the overall Sushi Itto fast food chain brand owing at least 13 food chains. Mr. Yunes has an industry experience of over 15 years and has employed 400 Mexicans in his franchising business.

What Investment Funds Can Generate Higher Returns?

Tim Armour is the Chairman and CEO of capital group. The capital investment group is the home of American funds and is considered as a large investment manager worldwide.

Tim documented about Warren Buffet’s decision to bet $1 million in a charity aimed at achieving good investment returns. Mr. Buffet took this direction since the investment returns were better than those of a group of hedge fund managers. The bet made by Mr. Buffet was a simple investment that did not cost much. Tim Armour also praised Buffet’s bottom-up approach of investing which analyzed companies and built a durable portfolio hence trusted.

To add o Buffet’s idea, Tim Armour also believed that mutual funds provided poor long returns. Low cost investments like Buffet’s provided investment returns for a long term. Therefore, his advice was for investors to change their mentality of passive index returns as the safe path for retirement investments. Unfortunately, many investors were not aware that they are exposed to 100 per cent of losses if they invested in index funds and market experienced downturns and learn more about Tim.

Tim armour had witnessed the average actively managed funds doing bad over time. He also noted that those that invested in index fund 40 years ago had over half a million dollars to date. However, investing in the best active American funds could achieve more wealth and more information click here.

According to Tim Armour, it was not easy to tell the best funds to invest in. It was however, wise to choose the funds with low expenses and high manager ownership. Also, investing in the funds needed some long time to get good returns and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Armour further noted that millions of Americans were retiring at a tender age and the young ones were worried saving enough for their retirement. It was therefore good to discuss the steps and alternatives that were needed for the young investors to get higher returns within the limited years and resume him.

Tim Armour has been the CEO of Capital group Companies since 2015. Dr. Tim Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College. He is also the Chairman and Director of Capital Research and Management Company. He has been an Equity Investment analyst at Capital.

What to Know About EOS Lip Balm

A Few years ago, buying lip balm required you to scan through the shelves in supermarkets to get Chap sticks that were in a cylindrical tube. But later, EOS lip balm started popping up and filling shelves at Walgreens and later to Walmart. EOS lip balm is a darling to many users due to its unique flavors and beautiful colors.

Using lip balm has many benefits like;

1] Healing the skin

In case you are suffering from chapped and dry skin, using the lip care will ensure your lips are well hydrated and they recover quickly. The skin on lips is thin hence needs regular care.

2] Avoiding Embarrassment

The experience of cracked, chapped and peeling lips causes discomfort. It is mainly caused by dehydration or during particular season making the thin layer to get licked off. To avoid this, it is, therefore necessary to apply a lip balm.

3] SPF Protection

The majority of the products contain SPF in them. It helps the lips from chapping and drying and also protecting the lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

Check this site for your choice of flavors.

However, not every lip balm will do well to your lips. Some cause rashes, blisters and even drying your lips which later causes drying of your lips. Hygiene, care, and protection of your lips, EOS lip balm, will provide such.  Check for this.  Here are the reasons for choosing Eos lip balm:

1]. Eos is an Eco-friendly company; therefore, choosing their products is a choice to protect the nature.

2]. Vitamin A, E, Shea butter and other ingredients enable the lips to lock moisture preventing them from cracking and bleeding.

3]. All the products of EOS are free from chemicals. Their products are paraben free hence keeping you away from any potential toxins, helping you to preserve your life.

Well-moisturized lips leave a glare. Protect them with the right products that will ensure maximum care like EOS lip balm.  Now is the time to follow them at

To learn more about EOS, visit

A Look at Jose Borghi’s Rise in the Marketing Sector

Jose Borghi is a publicist who was born in the town of Presidente Prudente in Sao Paulo State. He was the co-founder of the marketing agency that used to be called Borghi Lowe, but is now known as Mullen Lowe Brazil. In the 2015 April issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine, Jose Borhgi was recognized as one of the top 20 most influential marketers in Brazil. Mr. Borghi cracked the top ten list and came in ranked at number nine.

Jose Borghi is recognized to be one of the most creative marketers in Brazil because of his great creativity when creating ads. One of his most famous ads was created for Parmalat stuffed animals that was aimed at parents and children. During this ad campaign, Borgi had children dress up as stuffed animals and sing. The ad was a huge success and is ingrained into the Brazilian psyche. Another notable advertisement campaign that Jose Borghi led was one for Goya Foods where he incorporated country singers Zezé di Camargo e Luciano and their hit song E o amor. The Goya foods campaign was specifically for a seasoning mix called Sazon and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Jose Borghi decided to pursue a career in marketing when his older sister took him to a screening of award winning advertisements at the Castro Neves Theater while he was a junior in school. After seeing the award winning ads that were screened, Jose Borghi right then and now decided to pursue a career in advertisement. He would attend the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas where he graduated with a degree in advertising and propaganda.

Jose Borghi’s first job was with marketing agency, Standart Ogilvy. He later worked for a number of other advertising agencies such as Leo Burnet before co-founding BorghiRay. Jose Borghi now serves as Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil after BorghiRay was taken over by the Mullen and Lowe Group and read full article.

Scott Rocklage’s Three Decades of Immense Contribution to Both Science and Philanthropy


Dr. Scott Rocklage is an academician and an entrepreneur. He is a senior managing member at the distinguished California-based 5 AM Ventures. Together with his wife, Patty Rocklage, the couple is affiliated with many charity organizations. The two also give donations towards empowerment projects, a recent funding of lab renovations at MIT being a case in point.




A former student of the great scientist and chemistry Nobel Laurate, Professor Richard R. Schrock, Dr. Scott turned out to be a science guru as well. He has been in the healthcare sector for a period in excess of 30 years and has made a tangible impact on it. Scott will remain a dominant force for a long time in the industry for playing a vital role in the approval of Teslascan®, Cubicin®, and Omniscan™ drugs by the FDA.


Scott Rocklage puts his extensive experience and academic excellence to good use by being part of many advisory and directorship boards for different organizations. Some of the organizations Scott associates with either as a member or a chair include Epirus, Rennovia, Novira, Cidara, and Relypsa. He has also held management and executive roles at companies, such as Nycomed Salutar, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and Catalytica. To add to his experience, Scott has been part of invention processes of more than 30 patents.



Ideamensch’s Interview



5 AM Ventures finances early-stage life science research. With the early aspect of its field of operation, the name 5 AM comes in to denote early. Scott Rocklage revealed this during an interview with Ideamensch.


The interview dug deeper to get more to Scott’s personal life. Being a busy person, he was not able to describe exactly how his day typically rolls out. His schedule incorporates board meetings, research, and company management, which means that every day, is always different from the rest.


Scott told Ideamensch that he executes his ideas through a consultative process. He involves professionals from different backgrounds that would be key to the success of a particular idea. This explains why he has no record of entrepreneurial failure.


Every new development made by scientists in the field of cancer treatment brings excitement to Scott. He told Ideamensch that as new treatment methodologies crop up, cancer patients will continue to enjoy prolonged lives than it is today.

Karl Heideck Is A Well Reputed Litigator

Karl Heideck's career as a litigator
Karl Heideck’s career as a litigator

Litigation is a career in law that would require representing the defendants and even the plaintiffs in the civil cases. Any process of litigation will have to go through various phases. The phases included are the pre-trial, pleadings, besides the investigation, discovery, followed by the trial, and settlement, that may be followed by an appeal too.

The typical workday of any litigator will be based on them being a sole practitioner or of working in a big firm, or a smaller one. Litigators who work in big firms will have to do different jobs based on their seniority. For a litigator who is just beginning his work, research would have to be conducted and writing of several memos to be done.

Karl Heideck is a reputed litigator. He lives in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is well-experienced in compliance, litigation, along with risk management. He has wide experience in several aspects related to litigation. Karl Heideck is presently working as a Hire Counsel. He is working with Grant & Eisenhofer. Over here, he deals with compliance, risk management and such other aspects of litigation. He worked for Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien earlier.

It was in 2009 that Karl Heideck earned his law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University. He has a wide range of skillsets. These include legal writing, besides legal research. Karl Heideck has experience in corporate law and litigation besides commercial litigation, product liability along with civil litigation besides courts as well as in employment law.

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