PetSmart Carries BenefulFor Every Kind of Dog and Every Kind of Need

Petsmart has two types of Beneful dog food, dry and wet. They also carry Beneful Puppy Food. Pet Smart carries all types of Beneful Dog food for all sizes and ages of dogs. There are four different kinds of Beneful Chopped Blends The first kind is Chicken, Carrots, Peas & Wild Rice. The second one is Lamb, Brown Rice, Carrots, Tomatoes& Spinach. The next Chopped Blend flavor is Chicken, Liver & Peas. Finally, the fourth flavor is Salmon, Sweet Potatoes & Brown Rice for the dog who loves seafood.

All the chopped blends normally sell for under $2.00 a piece. Both Prepared meals and chopped Blends are sold in convenient tubs. The Prepared meals come in five flavors. These flavors are Beef Stew, Lamb Stew, Beef & Chicken Medley, Simmered Beef Entree, and finally Roast Turkey Medley. The Prepared Meals also come with rice and vegetables.If your dog prefers dried food, there are three different types of dry Beneful Dog Foods for adults. Beneful Grain-free is made with chicken and has blueberries, pumpkin, and spinach accents. Playful Life contains beef and egg to make your dog act young and energetic.

There’s a Beneful for Puppies, and for the small dog, there are several different kinds of Incredibites that come in dry and wet food. Incredibites come in three flavors, beef, chicken, and salmon. For that dog who’s a little too chubby, there’s the healthy weight brand. For the older dog, Pet Smart carries Beneful Senior Dog. The dry dog food runs about $10-$20. Pet Smart always has coupons that can help lower the price of dog food. These coupons can be found online or in the newspaper. The best kind of Beneful to get depends on your dog’s personal taste. The reviews are mixed on all the Beneful dog food.

These Old Actors Are Still Alive And Well


You may have thought that these old actors have passed away. However, they are still alive and well. Below I name a few of them and describe how old they are today.


Roger Moore is a British actor that played the character of James Bond in films. He is now 89 years old. Moore also played Simon Templar in the Saint Movie Series. Roger holds the record being the oldest actor play a James Bond role. In addition to acting, Moore served as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.


Kim Novak is a female actress from Chicago that is now 84 years old. The Chicago native’s career took off in 1954 when she played a major role in the film called Picnic. She has also been featured in popular films such as The Golden Arm, Pal Joey, Vertigo and Middle of the Night.


Tipi Hedren is a former fashion model and actress from New Ulm, Minnesota. She is now 87 years old. Besides her acting and modeling career Tipi is known for founding the Shambala Preserve which is an animal sanctuary in Acton, California. Hedren also helped create numerous Vietnamese-American nail salon businesses in the USA.


Kirk Douglas is an actor who is currently 100 years old. The male actor from Upstate New York was a star in the 1950s. The films he has starred in include ancient war movies like Spartacus, The Final Countdown and Paths of Glory. Douglas’ first debut film was The Strange Love of Martha Ivers where he starred alongside Barbara Stanwyck.  Not necessarily feel good movies, but pretty darn good regardless.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a man of many talents

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has made a name for himself as the man who single-handedly transformed the practice of dentistry into a multi-disciplinary field. Through his seminar program, Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel has revolutionized sleep medicine and created new treatment paradigms for one of humanity’s greatest scourges, sleep apnea.


But Dr. Weisfogel is a modern day renaissance man. His talents cast a wide net and have earned him the reputation as being a man of formidable intellect and industrious disposition. Among many other pursuits, it turns out that Dr. Weisfogel is an acclaimed rapper who, before attending dental school, had made a name for himself locally, in the city of Newark, New Jersey.



Growing up rough in the hood


According to this article, Dr. Weisfogel was forced to move in with his grandmother during his 8th grade year. The elderly matron had resisted moving out of her neighborhood, even as whites were ethnically displaced by an increasing sea of African Americans. This left the neighborhood roughly 95 percent black. Avi Weisfogel soon found out what it truly meant to be a minority.


Attending a nearly all black school, he was quickly singled out and picked on. For the first few weeks, he didn’t know anyone and was bewildered by the strange and often violent ways of the ghetto. But he quickly learned to fight back. Gaining a reputation for quick fists and a sharp tongue, slowly, he began earning street cred and instilling both admiration and fear in his enemies.


It was around this time that he first began freestyle rapping. A natural lyricist, Weisfogel made short work of his less talented peers in rap competitions known as battles. He was soon recognized as being one of the premier rappers in Newark. Now able to walk through any neighborhood and get respect, no one dared mess with the man with the golden tongue. But things got ever more violent.


When one of his best friends was killed in a brutal drive-by shooting in the parking lot of a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant, Avi Weisfogel decided right then to quit the streets and go to dental school.



Can Using Wen for a Week Change Your Hair?

If you’ve seriously been considering using new products on your hair, you may want to learn more about what WEN hair has to offer. The company was started by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, and features conditioners, styling products and hair cleansers that are free of synthetic, harsh chemicals. A number of celebrities have even endorsed Wen and say that the products have improved their hair significantly.

Still not convinced? Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen for a week, and here’s what she found out.

McClure used the Fig conditioner from Wen and says that the product helps to make her hair feel fuller. She also shares that the conditioner added more moisture to her hair, but she had to use quite a lot of the conditioner to get the desired effect.

The conditioner also caused McClure’s curls to fall quickly after she styled her hair with a curling iron. This is because the product made her hair heavier and oilier. McClure shares that even though she wasn’t able to wear extremely curly styles while using the conditioner, she was satisifed with the health of her hair. McClure’s friends even pointed out how healthy her hair looked near the end of the experiment.

Emily says that Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women with thin hair, and is a great product for retaining moisture, especially for women who wash their hair every day. Wen hair care products are available on eBay, Guthy-Renker and QVC, Try it today!


Fabletics Is Popular Among Shoppers For Their High Quality Merchandise With Low Prices.

Approaching this from the client’s judgment, it has been fashionable for quite awhile as being sensible that if the cost for a commodity is understood to be high-priced, that this in one way or another needs to draw a parallel directly to the commodity being constructed with unrivaled excellence. The client will encounter today, contrarily, that in the preponderance of those comparative examples, this is not a tremendously academic position for one’s monetarily feasible procurements. The recession has governed the direction of shoppers to apply different approaches in their exploration for apparel. Shoppers will explore for garments that have collected judgments or commentary, flashy and particularly modern markings, and merchants that will inquire if the buyer is comfortable with their apparel, despite if that apparel was found at a reduced cost.


The rise in the fashion apparel enterprise known internationally as Fabletics is revered for being a stylized, confident trendsetting range of apparel venture that a great may clients want for their athletic apparel and they’re much cherished by their clients. The trendy apparel product venture Fabletics was made acclaimed by the adept actress and producer of the venture, Kate Hudson, recently in 2013, with accompanying aid by Don Ressler including assistance from Adam Goldenberg. The retailer Fabletics has developed into such a popular outlet as a fashion outlet that it is always current with trendy and current styles. That very trendy facet of the apparel is the basis for Fabletics standing in the apparel category “activewear.” The in style worldwide merchant internationally referred to as Amazon, contributes a multiplicity of in style apparel, has captured 20% of the worldwide apparel platform, and Fabletics, has matured to form a $250 million apparel powerhouse in less than five years. The apparel warehouse Fabletics uses innovative methods to provide a unique and intelligently chosen run of in style apparel at their electronic based merchants on the worldwide web, and their physical Fabletics’ warehouses.


Fabletics exploits the use of an electronic monitoring plan that focuses intently on the items that guests to the warehouse are pulling up on their computer monitors, by storing the guest’s browsing habits online, at Fabletics digital warehouse locations. This storage of data is momentous and it gives Fabletics evidential data concerning the assortment of apparel that guests are interested in. If a guest of the plan pulls up any of the apparel listed on the Fabletics digital warehouse, that evidence is directed to the brick and mortar Fabletics warehouses. This is precisely how Fabletics remains in style with the very apparel that the monitoring plan has established that guests are wanting. This helps physical warehouses to use this evidence to realize which apparel to keep on display and which apparel to take away.


Other physical warehouses have been closing their outlets down and directing their apparel to worldwide web warehouses. This is related to the guests browsing at brick and mortar locations, and afterwards, making buys from another worldwide web located warehouse.


Global Law Professor, Sujit Choudhry, Unveils New Constitution Publication

Comparative law is the study of law in different countries. It involves the study of the legal systems that exist in the world, such as, the civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish Law, Canon law, Islamic law, Chinese law, and Hindu law. It includes the analysis, and description of foreign legal systems, even without accurate comparison. It has gradually grown as an area of interest with the rise of globalization in both economics and democracy.


The comparative law was idealized in the 18th century Europe, though; legal scholars practiced parallel systems before that. Montesquieu is an early founding comparative law scholar. His approach to other nations’ political and civil laws was that they ought to be adopted by the concerned citizens for whom they are framed and to the nature of each government.


Civil laws depend on political institutions, as they include the same society. An adaptation of civil law from another nation requires a careful examination of their political laws as these two must be fused together.


Several regulations have developed as branches of comparative law, including constitutional law, administrative law, civil law (the law of delicts, torts, contracts and obligations), commercial law, and criminal law. Studies of these precise segments may detail comparison of two countries or extensive studies of some countries. Comparative law seeks to attain a broad understanding of the legal systems around the world and polish the legal systems in place.


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an accomplished law professor in the US. He is globally renowned for his comprehensive knowledge of politics and comparative constitutional law. He is also known as a constitution building procedure advisor to several countries including South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. He has extensive experience in lecturing internationally. See for more.


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According to, Choudhry formed the Center for Constitutional Transitions and acts as its Director. The organization generates knowledge in constitution building by gathering international expert networks to conduct research projects that offer policy alternatives to practitioners.


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Professor Choudhry released a new book, “Constitution Making,” early this year. It is about the process of forming constitutions, a compilation of academic case studies and articles on constitutional law, see here. In the book volume, Prof. Choudhry outlines the current constitution-making decisions prepared by struggling democracies in countries like the Arab nations, Spain, and South Africa. He notes that even established democracies like Chile, see the need for a new constitution because they require improved laws devoid of their complicated past. Click to know more.


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Andrea McWilliams Uses Important Traits Like Patience For Success

In this fast-paced world, there are a few traits that go unnoticed. However, these qualities are needed for success. Among the qualities that seem to be mismatched to this fast paced world is patience. For one thing, it is patience that keeps people at work towards their goals so that they can achieve it. Without patience, people would just give up on their pursuits. However, it is this instant gratification world that stands against true success. Fortunately, there is one person who has risen up as a role model and uses patience as well as persuasion in order to get people interested in what she is promoting.

One of the reasons that Andrea McWilliams can easily be patient with her work is that she is working in an area that is very important for her. She is currently working with women’s health issues. Among the issues she is addressing is breast cancer. This is a condition that affects many women. Therefore, she is working very hard to come up with the funding that is needed in order to help the experts come up with better treatments that can get rid of the cancer without all of the side effects that current treatments are known for.

Andrea McWilliams has received a lot of recognition for her effectiveness in her field. She has received a few awards as well which include Profiles in Power. She is also very wise in how she uses her power. She speaks to people with respect and listens to their concerns. Then she addresses them so that they will be encouraged to fight for solutions that they want. She is one of the people that are pushing for a brighter and healthier future. She is one of the people that are helping to wake people up to a more humane society.


A Look At Maggie Gill’s Award Winning Career In Healthcare

Maggie Gill is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Member of the Board of Directors for Memorial Health Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. Gill first joined Memorial Health in 2004 when she assumed the position of Vice President of Finance/Managed Care. She was quickly promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and assumed her present position in 2011. Gill’s success in running Memorial Health led Becker’s Hospital Review to name her as one of its “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know” in 2016.

Prior to joining Memorial Health, Maggie Gills worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Tenet Healthcare for 10 years. During her career at Tenet Healthcare, she won the Outstanding CFO Award for three years in a row.

During her time with Memorial Health, Gill has made a large number of improvements to the hospital’s operation. Among the projects she has coordinated was a Centers of Excellence which is led by physicians. She has also expanded Memorial Health’s clinical services and had new facilities built for the hospital. Memorial Health serves as the safety net for the Savannah, Georgia area. It is also the only trauma center in southeast Georgia.

Maggie Gill has volunteered her time to serve on a number of boards in the region. Among the nonprofits that she helps lead are the Union Mission, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Mercer University, and the Georgia Hospital Association. She also serves as a member of the American Hospital Association Governing Council. In 2014 she was named to the Georgia Rural Health Stabilization Committee. Additionally, she has served on Georgia’s State Medicaid Subcommittee which oversaw the state’s recent Medicaid expansion.

Gill attended Florida State University where she graduated with honors a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters. She also earned honors when she earned her MBA from Saint Leo University.

Outside of her career, Maggie Gill has a husband, Shawn, and two children. The family is very outdoors oriented and they all love to hike, fish, and camp. Gill has also called herself the Mom of the staff at Memorial Hospital.


The Toy Box Killer: The Sickest American Serial Killer

When it comes to serial killer crime scene photos America has hosted their own fair share of them. Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most famous serial killers to roam the earth in the 20th century. Of course killers such as John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and even the Zodiac Killer earned their fame through a number of helpless victims as well. One of the more gruesome but equally as famous serial killers ever to breathe in American air was known as the Toy Box Killer. The strange thing about his case is that no bodies were ever discovered, and yet, he still holds the label of serial killer.

David Parker Ray, which would later be termed the Toy Box Killer, was born an innocent boy in November of 1939 to Cecil and Nettie Ray. The world would be grim for little David for a large portion of his childhood. His father was a known drunk and could be quite abusive. After he finally left the family home Nettie took him and his sister to live with their grandfather, but this too was met with physical punishment if they did not do as they were told. It is thought that Davids home life when combined with bullying from school mates helped to form his personality. This personality was one that enjoyed watching people around him suffering.

His object to satisfy this obsession was women and so he built what is referred to as his toy box. The toy box held many torture devices and a camera. The room also held a tape player where Ray would play a tape for the victim to listen to before he started his torture. The tape would explain to the victim what would be happening to them over the course of time that they were held there. While no bodies have ever been discovered David Parker Ray was sentenced to 224 years in prison for being a sick twist of a man.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Entrepreneur with Heart

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who is of Jewish descent and was born (in 1969) and raised in Southfield, Michigan to a teacher mother and engineer father. After Eric Paul Lefkofsky graduated from high school in 1987, he attended both the University of Michigan and, later, University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor. In college, Lefkofsky and friend, Brad Keywell, purchased a clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin with money borrowed from relatives. He and Keywell started an internet company by the name of Starbelly in 1999, which was successful and sold to Halo Industries just a year later.

Eric of twitter, Providing print procurement services for small to mid-size companies, Innerworkings is a company that Lefkofsky founded after the sale of Starbelly. Due to the success of Inner workings, Lefkofsky was able to indulge his longtime passion for teaching which he may have gotten from his mother, a school teacher in the Michigan area. He began his teaching career in Chicago at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He currently is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Lefkofsky and his wife, Elizabeth, formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006, which focuses on children and can boast of helping over 50 organizations so far. The foundation has four primary foci of assistance: education, human rights, medical and arts & culture. Among the many of the organizations assisted by this foundation are Planned Parenthood, The Success Project, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and The Aspen Institute.

In 2007, Lefkofsky and Keywell paired up again to found MediaBank, a technology company that provides buyers of advertising with buying, planning, and accounting and analysis software. Since then he has founded and helmed Groupon, Uptake, Mediaocean and just last year, Tempus. Tempus is a health-tech company that assists physicians in providing personalized care for cancer patients by offering genome sequencing services, and by analyzing molecular data so physicians can make real-time decisions that are driven by scientific data click here.

Lefkofsky loves his adopted city of Chicago and plans to continue to give back to the community that has been so good to him.

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