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Are you planning to invest your money in a lucrative opportunity? Need expert assistance in choosing the right investment vehicle for your financial situation? Perhaps you have heard a lot of positive comments about Highland Capital Management.


When it comes to choosing a financial services or investment advisory provider, it is extremely important to do your research. Although there are many firms that render financial management and investment services to clients, you need to be sure you’re working with a trusted team. That’s where Highland Capital comes in.


Before selecting a financial planner or investment firm you will want to schedule a consultation with them. It is essential for you to interview several professionals in the company to be certain that they are the right team for you.


Reputation and experience of the professionals are some of the factors to consider as you go about looking for investment advice. Find out about the credentials of your potential planner or advisor, and learn how the professional stays up to date. Reputable firms ensure that their financial and investment advisors expand their knowledge through seminars and continuing education courses.


Highland Capital is well known for providing excellent investment advisory and money management solutions, including wealth building guidance. This great company has been rendering superior services since 1987 and is regarded as a leader in the industry.


Highland Capital Management and its team of experts take their responsibility to advise and guide clients very seriously. They take the time to explain things in a way that even a novice can easily understand. They make it a priority to maintain integrity and transparency in their dealings with other organizations and their clients.


Highland Capital involves their clients in their decisions and work together to develop the right investment plan for them.


The team at Highland Capital is well trained and has a lot of experience in a wide variety of financial services related area. If you want to receive the best possible guidance and advice on investing, you need to get in touch with Highland Capital.




Evolution of Smooth Makes Its Mark In the Lip Care Industry

About EOS

Evolution of Smooth, commonly known as EOS, is taking over the lip balm industry in a short amount of time. The company has only been in business for around seven years, and in this time, EOS has managed to become the second best selling lip balm in the United States, selling more products than legendary brands like Blistex and Chapstick, see walmart.ca. EOS got its start when the lip balms were initially sold and Walgreen’s. Now, EOS balms are common inventory for Walgreen’s, Walmart and Target, as well as other beauty and department stores.


Check out more here http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.


Sanjiv Mehra is one of the founders of EOS, and shares that the company hasn’t revealed too much about its success and inner working until now. Mehra states that EOS has been focused on creating and delivering top-notch products for the public, but he now reveals that EOS current sells about 1 million items each week. The company is now worth around $250 million, and is set to be at the forefront of the growth of the lip care industry, which is set to be worth $2 billion by the year 2020. Head over to this important site.


In addition to lip balms, EOS also makes shaving creams and hand lotions that are made from organic and natural ingredients. For additional information, click evolutionofsmooth.de for more.


Mike Heiligenstein’s Achievements in CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein is one of the most prominent public officials. He has always had a passion for serving the citizens of Texas. For a period of 23 years, he worked for Williamson County advocating for the expansion of infrastructure and the improvement of water and wastewater management.

He worked as member of the Round Rock County Council for a period of 8 years. He was then appointed Williamson county commissioner, a position that he held for 15 years before being appointed by the CTRMA Board to serve as the director of the company.

According to Crunchbase, when Mike Heiligenstein was employed by CTRMA, the agency had no projects that they had undertaken. They also had no source of revenue at the time. But, under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein for over 14 years, the mobility authority has grown to have assets worth approximately $1.8 billion. They have also managed to reduce traffic in Texas by constructing more toll roads.

Heiligenstein formulates strategies to raise money for the various projects that are undertaken by CTRMA. He implemented investment bonds which the agency sells in the stock market. Money raised through the stock bonds accounts for 70% of their total revenue.

The rest of the money is raised from the public, The Texas Department of Transport being their main source of the remaining 30%. The mobility authority also benefits from revenue that is collected from toll roads.

Under the leadership of Mike Heligenstein are 24 professionals. They work hand-in-hand to find solutions to alleviate the traffic problem in Central Texas. So far, the team has come with two apps that deal with traffic issues.

They have CARMA which is meant to connect drivers with similar commutes. Then there is Metropia, a smartphone app that sensitizes people to make trips during off peaks.

Other than the use of apps, the CTRMA team alleviates the traffic problem by helping evacuate stranded motorists so that traffic can flow. They have an emergency response unit called HERO (Highway Emergency Respondent Unit). HERO undertakes projects such as removing debris from the roads. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://templeofthecave.com/mike-heiligenstein-an-individual-who-works-hard-for-the-growth-of-austin/

The unit also delivers water to stranded motorists as they wait for their vehicles to be towed. Also, they relocate disabled vehicles to enable traffic flow.

Although the traffic state of Texas is far from being good, there is a significant improvement. If only people can join efforts with CTRMA, the state of traffic will be so much better.

Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Institute a Hit with Campus Students at the University of Maryland

Former Atlanta Hawks boss Bruce Levenson has in the last few years been heavily involved in the world of nonprofit organizations. Together with his wife Karen, Bruce Levenson helped found the Do Good Institute in 2010. The initiative is helping reshape the higher education curriculum by encouraging undergraduate students at the University of Maryland to get more involved in philanthropic activities. The objective is to create a generation of outstanding leaders with the skills to compete with their counterparts in the private sector. Since its inception, the program has been a hit among students in the campus.

According PR News, one of the missions of the Do Good Institute is to transform the whole campus into a Do Good campus so that any student who graduates will be properly informed and have the motivation to give back. The second mission is to create the next generation of exceptional nonprofit leaders. Students who enroll in the program will have the option to major in the field starting from the fall of 2017.

Do Good Institute’s achievements have been phenomenal. Some of the students who went through the program are now running nonprofit organizations that are transforming the world. Ben Simon is one of them. He is the co-founder of Food Recovery Network (FRN), an initiative that aims at reducing waste on campus. After going through the Do Good Institute program, Simon founded Imperfect Produce, an initiative designed to reduce the 6 billion pounds of produce that go to waste annually.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of Washington University. He also attended American University where he took law. At one point, he worked with the Washington star as a journalist. Today, he lives with his wife in Atlanta and Potomac. The couple has three children.

Read More: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

Succeeding in Politics

If you want to succeed in politics, you have to be willing to work hard on the right things in order to get ahead. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made in this area. With her knowledge and experience, she can help develop a political campaign that is going to have a lot of success over time. If you are ready to learn from someone who can help raise money, Andrea McWilliams is the person to go to.


Andrea McWilliams


There are a lot of people who grow up wanting to be in politics their whole life. However, Andrea McWilliams is not one of those people. If you are ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of others, you need to find what you are passionate about. Andrea McWilliams is great at fundraising and organizing political events. This is where she has learned to make the biggest impact she can in the world around her. Now is the time to start thinking about what she can do in order to drive success and value over time.


Future Plans


If you are ready to take your life to a new level, Andrea McWilliams is the person to work with. She can help you organize a political campaign and raise money so that you can fund it. A lot of people in the Dallas area use her services because she is doing such a good job in her current position of helping other people in politics.


Talk Fusion Takes Second Major Award For Video Chat App

The use of video chat and video marketing solutions has recently become a major aspect of the work completed by professionals in the communications industry and the Talk Fusion brand of marketing solutions appears to have made its way to the top of the industry. One of the most prestigious awards in the industry is the Technology Marketing Corporation’s 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, which Talk Fusion has taken home on two separate occasions for the development and updates made to its video chat app.


PR Newswire reports Talk Fusion has been working to develop its WebRTC technology in a bid to allow its clients access to as many customers and potential business recipients as possible; in developing the video chat app that has been rolled out across the iTunes and Google Play stores the company is allowing its customers the chance to reach any user of a tablet, smartphone, or laptop with dedicated video chat options to suit a range of needs.


The development and release of the video chat app from Talk Fusion has been hailed as a major success by both CEO Bob Reina and technology executive Ryan Page who state they have been consistently updating the app to add new features for customers. Talk Fusion has seen its business grow since the March 2016 release of the video chat app the company has been updating on a regular basis; Talk Fusion has seen such a major success with its video chat application that it’s business model has altered to include the chance for customers to take the opportunity to enjoy free trials of its latest video chat app that is changing the way marketing communications are taking place.


Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina came up with the idea for his own dedicated video communications company in 2004 when he struggled to attach a short clip to a marketing Email he wished to send. Established in 2007, Talk Fusion has developed a new way of conducting video communications based on its own Web real time communications technology that allows instant links to be made with customers across the planet.




Do People Understand Kabbalah?

Since there have been many who have tried to learn Kabbalah, I have also sought to explain Kabbalah for writers without the proper knowledge to understand. It is important to know what you write about so as not to give information that is not true and compromise the truth. First, Kabbalah originated from Babylon in ancient times. What people may not know is that Kabbalah is a Science that existed many years ago. The reason why it was known by many is that it is a science and wisdom that takes the time to learn.You can also see video on You-Tube for their activity.It had not been disclosed for many years until Rav Yehuda decided to make it modern.

It came to the world again four hundred years ago even after many great people tried to explain this inherent wisdom that has many benefits to those who study it. Kabbalah was not known by many, and it is the knowledge that existed with only a few teachers. Because of this, many scientists became attracted and studied hard to understand Kabbalah but to no avail. What they did not know is that Kabbalah can only be taught by those who have grasped the wisdom and not by virtual studying. For example, people like Isaac Newton tried to study and understand but they could not. Others such as Pico Della Mirandola and Leibniz also struggled to understand the knowledge of Kabbalah but never succeeded.

There are many advantages for people of today because the knowledge is now widespread. There are now different ways of understanding Kabbalah, and a lot of information is everywhere. All you should do is to be careful to avoid being fed with information that is not true. Some people fail to understand things, but they end up giving false information. Remember that is not easy to comprehend the knowledge of universe because you have never experienced. That is why you get different people having beliefs about Kabbalah. There are those who associated it with things like curse, miracles, spells and other evil things but that are just because they do not understand what it takes to understand this eternal wisdom that existed millions of years ago.History of Kabbalah : https://kabbalah.com/history.

The Life Journey of Don Ressler

Don Ressler serves as the co-founder the co-chief executive officer at Intelligence Beauty, Inc. Don Ressler worked for FitnessHeaven.com before where he was the company’s president and also the cofounder. Don is the founding figure behind Hydroderm. This is a brand that specialized in skin care. This was after he founded Alena Media together with his partner. Don Ressler worked at Intermix Media where he was in charge of core ventures in boosting shareholders value. Don Ressler started his career on the internet by working as a consultant to companies that needed to make it big online. He has managed to raise more than $100 million worth of capital for companies on the internet.

Don Ressler has a reputation as a business and brand-building expert. Intermix Media was cofounded by Don Ressler at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. The News Corp purchased it at a value of $650 million in 2005. Don Ressler is also the co-founder of TechStyle Fashion Group that was formerly known as JustFab Inc. This is an online subscription fashion retailer that he cofounded together with Adam Goldenberg in 2010. JustFab Inc. provides their clients with personalized shopping experience depending on the fashion preferences of the customers. The company on Zimbio.com has four subsidiaries known as Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and Fabletics.

Kimora Lee Simons joined JustFab in 2011. Kimora was named as the company’s president and creative director. JustFab managed to get a funding worth $33 million from the Matrix Partners. This is a corporation that was founded by Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg. The funding enables JustFab to expand internationally to the markets in Germany, Canada, and the UK. Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg announced that JustFab was internationally growing and it had plans of coming up with new products in 2013. JustFab runs a membership subscription service that costs each member $39.95 each month.

Don Ressler has risen to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman through the online platform reported on apparelnews.net. He says that part of his success can be attributed to hard work, passion, and commitment. Don Ressler mentors young entrepreneurs who would wish to venture in the e-commerce fashion market. Don has managed to register massive growth, success, and profitability in all companies that he has served. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and created the Matrix Partners. It has grown to become one of the most successful and fast growing companies. Don Ressler is a philanthropist. He is involved in various charitable organizations.

Karl Heideck: A Reliable Partner For Your Litigation Needs

Karl Heideck: A Reliable Partner For Your Litigation NeedsThis article is about Litigation Attorney and their job description. Litigation defined as a legitimate proceeding in a court or a legal case to define and impose legal rights. Litigation is also carrying out of a lawsuit in the local court system, and Litigation attorney is the one who handles such process and assures that it carries out efficiently and smoothly. There are different numbers of attorneys such as the one who handle tax. Few attorneys handle injury; few are expert in handling DUI cases, etc. Like many types of case you would think of, there is a prosecutor who handles a case.

Likewise, for each case you think of, there’s also litigation. Each case will have a primary attorney, and also a litigation lawyer. That’s because of litigation being a subject that is completely different than tax or injury. Litigation is also used in virtually every case that present in legal court. Any case that includes injuries or many other legitimate injuries implicates litigation.

When it is about litigation cases in Philadelphia, the name that immediately comes to mind is, Karl Heideck. He is a talented attorney who focuses on compliance practices and risk management based in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck bears skills in many areas such as commercial litigation, corporate law, product liability, employment law, legal writing and legal research.

Karl Heideck has been practicing since a decade. So by hiring Karl for your legal needs, you can be certain that you have hired a competent and reliable litigation attorney for your legal needs. Since April 2015, Karl Heideck is working in Grant & Eisenhofer as a contract attorney in Wilmington, Delaware. Educational background for Karl Heideck also speaks about skills and experience in different areas. He studied English and Literature at Swarthmore College following studying at Beasley School of Law, the Tempe University.

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George Soros – Benevolent and Philanthropic Humanitarian

George Soros escalates his philanthropic efforts on a regular basis through humanitarian promotion, economic growth, training and policy reform, and freely investing and promoting democratic ideals. His efforts are noted around the world for the significant contributions he has made to advance health and education.

Soros left Budapest, Hungary before World War II, when the Nazi occupation took place in Hungary. He worked his way to England in 1947, where he continued his training at the London School of Economics. Soros worked as a porter and restaurant waiter while going to college and got a position working at a bank, coming to the United States working as a trader and analyst in New York City. It was less than 20 years when he founded the Soros Fund Management firm and succeeded in becoming a millionaire.

The net worth of George Soros today is about $25.2 billion. During the 90’s, it is mentioned that he kicked in hundreds of millions of dollars to relief efforts to causes in the old Yugoslavia. Other causes that have found a home in his heart are disability rights, and discrimination against Muslims, including counterterrorism. UNICEF and the International Crisis Group have received $5 million apiece in support of their cases. George Soros consistently gives his support both emotionally and financially to the causes he believes in and promotes.

Follow: https://twitter.com/georgesoros?lang=en

Budapest, Hungary still holds the heart of George Soros as he helped establish the Central European University in his birthplace expanding educational freedoms for thousands of students. The contributions to the University in Budapest totaled more than $880 million dollars since early 1990’s. It is important to Soros to support disadvantaged and educationally deprived students. Along with promoting higher education, he also encourages education throughout early educational years through K-12.

Minority rights are placed extremely high on the Soros list philanthropic support. Open Society Foundations are a major concern of his, especially when it comes to minority rights and the deprived. Chris Stone, president of the Soros Open Society Foundations is quoted as saying “We try to understand who is vulnerable, who is marginalized, who is oppressed, society by society, place by place.” Visit bigthink.com to know more about George Soros.

Today George Soros continues his desire for everyone to receive a higher education and advance their skills to create a brighter future.

Learn more about George at Biography.com.