Cambridge Publishing Awards Brian Bonar as the Executive of the Year in the Finance

Brian Bonar, the CEO of Dalrada Corporation has recently received a professional networking community highest honor. He has been named as the executive of the year in Finance by Cambridge Publishing.

Although it is an honor to be included in the Cambridge Publishing Who’s Who Registry, only four individuals are honored as executives of the year in each discipline. The Cambridge Publishing committee select nominees based on academic qualifications, professional accomplishment, and leadership competencies.

With over 30 years of professional expertise in the finance sector, Bonar is competent to oversee Dalrada’s operations. For over ten years, Bonar has served as Dalrada’s CEO; thus, he is conversant with employer and employee benefits and aftermarket products.

Dalrada serves as a marketing liaison responsible for distributing a spectrum of employee programs to increase efficiency in the workplace. The programs include risk management, financial planning, employee benefits, and business management services.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-known entrepreneur for his contribution towards the success of a series of businesses. Currently, he serves as the Principal and CEO of Trucept Incorporated. Over the years, he has gained extensive business leadership background, having worked for large companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Part of Bonar’s success in business can be attributed to his technical background. He attended James Watt Technical College to pursue a degree in Technical Engineering and later joined Stafford University for Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Bonar career started as a procurement manager for IBM before his way up as the director of engineering at QMS where he managed over 100 employees. After a while, he left for Adaptec as a sales manager. Once he gained extensive business experience, Brian established his first company, Bezier Systems.

As a specialist in mergers and acquisitions, Brian Bonar could combine his creative and personable approach to life with his technical background in engineering. In 2000, he was honored as Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the year in Finance. During his leisure time, he takes part in boating trip and golf.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

Founded in 1982, Dalrada Financial Corporation is a California-based leading provider of financial advisory services, employer and employee benefits, and outsourcing business goods and services to small and medium size enterprises in the US.

Its core services include payroll processing, health insurance, financial planning, deferred compensation, ICT consulting, 401(k) plan, and administrative services. Dalrada Financial Corporation was formerly known as Imaging Technologies Corporation.

While working at Dalrada’s, Bonar has earned numerous accolades including the recent honor as Cambridge’s Executive of the Year in the discipline of Finance.

Adam Goldenberg: A Profitable Venture with JustFab

At age 13, Adam Goldenberg used his Bar Mitzvah money to started an online bulletin board service in 1994. He turned his site into a gaming website in 1996 and called it Gamer’s Alliance. Brett Brewe, founder and president of Intermix was impressed with Goldenberg’s site and bought it in 1997. He had no idea that Goldenberg was only 17. Goldenberg was 19 years old when Brewer made him the COO of Intermix. To date, Adam Goldenberg is the youngest person to ever be a COO of a public company.

In 2000, was acquired by Intermix. It was a health and fitness startup that was launched by Don Ressler. Ressler and Adam Goldenberg worked well together. They used the advertising company Alena Media. Intermix got hundreds of millions worth of revenue with the team’s ecommerce.

Goldenberg and Ressler left Intermix after is was acquired by News Corp in 2005, since they were not bound by contract. They wanted to find new opportunities in the business world on They worked with a group of former Alena team members and cofounded Brand Ideas, which became Intelligent Beauty.

One of their first creations was a skin care and cosmetic line called DERMSTORE. It used direct-to-consumer marketing. They also created a weight-loss system called SENSA a couple of years later. Dr. Alan Hirsch helped with the development and Brett Brewer, former Intermix founder, became CEO. These ventures were highly profitable.

JustFab was a subscription e-commerce venture that Intelligent Beauty launched in 2012. Matrix Partners provided JustFab with $33 million in Funding in 2011. They got $76 million in capital funder from various companies in 2012.

JustFab expanded its operation to children’s clothing and shoes. It brought over a million European customers on By the end of 2013, they had over 3 million customers all over Europe. After getting $40 million in a Series C funding, JustFab started Fabletics. It is a clothing line designed by actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics has even opened a brick and mortar store.

Passport Special Opportunity Fund led a capital fundraiser for JustFab in August of 2014 and raised $85 million dollars. The companies who invested were existing investors.

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Universal Wisdom From The Kabbalah Centre

Wisdom is a quality that can be found in many places. A sense of wisdom is what allows people to have a life that is fully satisfying in every way. There are many ways to find wisdom in the world. One such place is perhaps the ancient texts of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a large group of texts that have formed an ancient body of wisdom that Jews all over the world have studied closely for many years. Those who have studied the Kabbalah have learned that it is one place where wisdom comes to forefront and allows people to see the world and how they might personally approach it in a way that is thoughtful and intelligent.


Many Meanings

Those at the Kabbalah centre know that meaning of the Kabbalah has developed over a period of time. It has often meant different things to different people during the centuries that it has been studied. This is where it is possible for people today to find their own meaning in this system and learn why the ancients found it full of universal wisdom. The wisdom found in the Kabbalah, as those at the centre well know, is wisdom that predates many ancient texts including that of the bible and other such texts. People can find many kinds of meaning here, in a way that helps them develop their own sense of wisdom.


A Great Lineage

When people choose to study Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre, they are choosing to work closely with texts that run back a long time ago and form a lineage that stretches back through time and through the ages. Such a sense makes it easier for people to learn what they need to know about the world that sits in front of them. This can be the key to making a life of wisdom and happiness.

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Digital Reputation: Blurring The Lines Between Perception And Reality

In today’s age, perception is reality. In other words one does not have to be guilty of anything. If someone says that the person is guilty of something in a way that is persuasive, then people will believe it and that person will be treated as if he has done it. This is why it is important for someone to have a plan for online reputation management. Often times, people are willing to spread lies about an individual or a business they don’t like in order to push an agenda. This is really unfair to the target of the scandal.
Fortunately, there are ways that one could handle this scandal. All that needs to be done is that he gets the tools and the assistance needed in order to take on the lies. It is important that one does not try to address the issue right away. This is especially true if the person is heated. It is better for one to just take some time to cool off so that he could better manage his emotions when moving forward. Often times, the person that is a liar is a manipulator.

When taking on a crisis started by someone who is manipulative, it is very important to not get dragged down into the mess. That way, the person will win. The better thing to do would be to get help from a professional that is more experienced with these circumstances.

While repairing reputation is something that needs to happen with every business, maintaining a good image is actually a lot easier. Among the proactive things an online business owner could do is ask for positive reviews from satisfied customers.


A Look Into The Life And Career Progression Of Eric Pulier

A columnist, published author and renowned entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has achieved a lot in the business arena and his effort towards raising a generation of entrepreneurs cannot be overlooked. Having founded and co-founded ventures, Eric Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars and supported many startups.

He also comes out as a confident public speaker and his mentorship has imparted a lot of value in focused individuals looking to start and run businesses. Apart from having a strong influence in business, Eric Pulier is also a member of several philanthropic foundations.


Eric Pulier can trace his skills to the growth of passion in computer programming that kicked in at a tender age.  Eric qualified to join the Harvard University, where he majored in English and American Literature.

At this time, Eric Pulier applied to join the editorial team at The Harvard Crimson and he started sharing articles on his column titled Pulier Leg. While at Harvard, he also enrolled for a degree in computer science at MIT College. He pursued both courses with great passion and graduated in 1988, earning high honors.

Career and achievements

Three years after graduating, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, where his career as an entrepreneur would start. His first company was called People Doing Things and it offered updates on pressing matters in health, education and other specialties.

His prowess and strength at design and planning were part of the things that set him apart from his peers and in 1997, he was picked by the government to head the Technology Exhibition that was part of the inauguration of the president and his deputy.

This is a project that further marketed Eric Pulier since he skillfully arranged the different sections that were to be showcased. More importantly, he arranged for a live streaming event that connected the audience with space astronauts. His success at this event saw him win other big projects, both from the government and private companies.

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More Than Seventy-Five Percent Of All Venezuelans Are Suffering From Extreme Poverty According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. Severe shortages of all the necessities that are needed to survive are scarce. There’s hardly any food, and if people do find something to eat the cost is astronomical. A dozen eggs cost $150. The lack of clean water, hospital supplies, medicine, clean water, and electricity have created crime-ridden streets in this oil-rich nation. There is one man is to blame for the agony that is taking place, and his name is Nicolas Maduro, according to Deputy José Manuel González. José Manuel González is a member of the National Assembly from the farming state of Guárico.  President Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of socialist Hugo Chavez has managed to destroy the economy of Venezuela. He has single handily bankrupted the government, and he has turned Caracas into one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

González has been watching and trying to stop Maduro ever since he took office after Chavez passed away in 2013. González wanted Maduro to invest in domestic food production after Chavez passed, and he wanted to help the farmers get new equipment and supplies, but Maduro did the opposite. The inept president confiscated farms and let them sit dormant. What González calls one of the most successful socialist governments in the world under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, is now an inflation-ridden mess that is spiraling out of control.

The downfall of Venezuela could have been avoided if Maduro would have changed the domestic policies that put imported goods in front of domestic production. He could have avoided the lack of money if he would have focused on exporting more and experimenting less, but González said that’s Maduro doesn’t have the sense to change, even now. Even Peru’s president is concerned about its neighbor. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski talked about Venezuela’s issue at the United Nations recently, and all Maduro could do was accused the Peruvian President of meddling.

Protecting Online Reputation In The Hospitality Industry

When you think about the hospitality industry, then you will come to find there is more of an importance on reputation and your online presence than almost any other factor. When you consider the fact that people all over are able to quickly Google your business and instantly see what it is that you offer, there is a tremendous amount of business on the line. Thinking about the specifics as outlined by a resource like Hospitality Net will show you just how important your online presence and reputation is.
Think about the times that you have gone on vacation, looked for a restaurant, or even just tried to find some general entertainment and fun. The truth according to is when you are looking for a place to go in order to get away and enjoy the modern conveniences, you have to be able to rely on someone else point of view and experiences. Whether this is due to the actual word of mouth or the reviews and ratings online, more and more people in the hospitality sector are seeing their business grow or be crushed when it comes to their online presence.

Another thing to consider about reputation is that it can be both positive or negative, and while having no presence at all isn’t as bad as having a bad reputation, it does mean you are more risky than others. People don’t want to be the guinea pigs and wind up having a terrible experience. That’s exactly why you need to continue working on improving your online presence and not only finding ways to have stronger reviews and information about your organization, but you also need to figure out some of the very best ways to get rid of negative reputations and be sure they are covered up.

At the end of the day, when you have the reviews you want you not only show others how strong of an option you are but you also are able to use that very information to make your organization better moving forward. From marketing to coaching and operational improvement, having the chance to control your online reputation and truly take hold of it will move the company forward.


Dick Devos: Entrepreneur, Businessman, Political Aspirant, Lobbyist, Advocate, Philanthropist, Author, Husband, Father…Superman?

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and the oldest son of Richard DeVos, Sr., one of the founders of the Amway Corporation. The Amway Corporation is a network sales company which uses a multi-level marketing model to sell and distribute its products through dealers who are compensated for sales they generate, as well as for the sales of the other salespeople they are responsible for recruiting.

DeVos is married to Elizabeth (Betsie) Prince, daughter of Edgar Prince, the owner of the Prince Corporation of Holland, Michigan. They have four children: Rick, Elissa, Andrea and Ryan.

He graduated from Northwood University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a distinguished alumni recognition along with an honorary degree. He also received honorary doctorate degrees from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and attended the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School’s Executive Study Programs.

Dick DeVos held a diversity of positions, with different levels of responsibility, within a multitude of the company’s operating departments, since becoming involved in Amway Corporation in 1974. By 1984, he had been promoted to vice president of the company’s operations in 18 countries, a feat which allowed him to gain experience in areas and fields outside of the family owned establishment. In 1989, he started a new business venture, leaving the his family’s firm in the process. His new entrepreneurial endeavor, named The Windquest Group, is an investment management firm whose diversified projects currently include technology, manufacturing, clean-tech and nonprofit solutions.

In 1991, his father appointed him as the manager of the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, which was the DeVos family’s latest acquisition. Two years later he returned to Amway Corporation to succeed his father as the company’s president, and oversaw its restructuring in the year 2000. By 2002, he had decided to devote his full time to the Windquest Group and to political causes.

He officially entered politics in 2006 when he ran for governor for the state of Michigan as a Republican. He, however, lost the election to the Democrat Jennifer Granholm, by a margin of 14 points.

HIs philanthropic activities include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which donates thousands of dollars to entities such as Kids Hope USA; the West Michigan Aviation Academy; and Mars Hill Bible Church. In the arts, the foundation has supported ArtPrize, an art competition in Michigan. In 2008, the The Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship was established. It is intended to support MA, MS, or MBA students, particularly those from developing nations, entering at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

George Soros Leads The World Investors In Betting On Gold

George Soros has led major international investors in buying gold after he predicted challenging times ahead in the global economy.

Through his hedge fund Soros Fund Management, Soros disclosed publicly that the fund had reduced stock holdings by 37% to $3.5 billion by the end of March. Soros Fund Management disclosed to have owned bearish options that included $431 million from Standard & Poor’s 500 Index represented by the purchase of 2.1 million shares.

Soros has made a similar bearish investment in the biggest producer of gold, Barrick Gold Corp., through buying 1.7 percent shareholding of Barrick worth $264 million at the end of March. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins At 2016 Telly Awards

It is not only Soros who is buying gold in fear of the future of the global economy, his chief strategist and billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller, has also gone bullish on gold buying large amounts and saying the current economy is an “absurd notion of negative interest rates.”

The shares of US Money Reserve have also risen to double the price as the miner implements cost-cutting efforts and reducing debt.

Once again it looks like the bet by Soros was well calculated and he is again about to win the rise in the price of gold. The rush to buy gold has been practiced by many investors who fear the world economy could decline and result in negative interest rates.

The fact is that the global economy is affected by the state of the world institutions and the stability of the governments that regulates the paper currency. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Since the paper currency like the dollar is dependent on the stability of the U.S. government and how US Money Reserve can control the inflation and growth of the economy, many investors feel paper currency is not the best way to safeguard their wealth.

On the other hand, gold is much more stable because its value and prices are mainly affected by scarcity and demand of gold across the world. The trend has favored gold because many individuals are buying gold from agencies such as U.S. Money Reserve.

Also, Eastern nations such as Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia are substituting the U.S. dollar with gold as the reserve currency.