Review of the New Vegan Option From EOS

See through lip balm is the latest development from EOS now. Vegan and completely free of Beeswax, it is a product that is really taking the world by storm. The little colorful balm is even better than it was before. The other EOS lip balms have always had beeswax in them before this product was released. This one is free of that. Go to and read more exciting news.

Sold for $5.49 at the launch in August, on the 4th at various stores across the country. It has also been sold online for customers to buy. It has sold out everywhere since then. Called the Crystal Lip Balm, it comes in Hibiscus Peach or Vanilla Orchid flavors.

The product lines have always been organic in their ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients that are included in the new product line.

– Shea

– Coconut

– Avocado

– Natural Oils

It’s not surprising that the lip balms have sold out as they have been placed on shelves or in online supplies bins. The product has always been popular, but those that were vegan could never have the product. Now all of that has changed. Hopefully, there will be more of these products to come in the future. See this now.

Here come the review videos online. There will be collector videos on YouTube to come in the future. Now they will include vegan EOS products. Perhaps new collections next year will include new flavors like these new ones.

All of the new ingredients make everyone that collects even better about the collection that they have. Most collect two of each release, buy here at That way they have one to use and one to save in the original packaging. Opening them lowers the value of the product. Everyone loves things that smell good that makes the lips feel as soft as the EOS products make you feel.

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