Ryan Seacrest’s Secret To Success

Ryan Seacrest has become a household name in recent years. From his stint as host of American Idol to appearances on Live With Kelly and Ryan and much more, he is known for his diversity and entertaining nature. He comes from very humble beginnings and keeps that in mind as he becomes more and more famous. His life may seem like a fairy tale now, but he has had many struggles. One of these is his weight. Ryan Seacrest was not always as fit as he is today and grew up battling weight issues. Since gaining control of this, he has maintained a very healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise.

Ryan makes sure to include a daily workout routine in his schedule and feels that if he were to miss just one day of exercise, he could revert back to his old habits. Even though his busy schedule doesn’t always allow for this, he will cancel or reschedule other appointments to do it. He is as dedicated to working out as he is to accomplish his other goals in life. His competitive nature also helps him in this area as he has been known to play some very intense ping pong games with friends.

Ryan Seacrest has been hosting the Dick Clark Rocking New Year’s Eve show for the past several years and will do so once again this coming year. The show has been on the air for many years and Ryan took over hosting duties when Dick Clark decided to retire. He has been doing a great job and the ratings for the show continue to climb. Ryan feels the success of it has to do with the talent they have appearing on it as well as the talent of those who are producing it.

He has also shown the more charitable side of himself working with people who need help. Ryan Seacrest’s foundation has helped more than a thousand families who have come upon devastating times. He continues to work with the foundation in order to provide for more and more families. His work schedule is never ending. More info on his facebook account.

Ryan’s Biography on IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/

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