Securus Technologies-Bringing Inmates Closer to the World.

Securus Technologies is a private company that deals with prison technology. It came to be in the year 1986, with its principal headquarters based in Dallas.

Currently, the company has expanded its operational bases to cover different states. It operates offices in various regions such as Georgia and Allen.

With its expansion, Securus is in a position to provide its much-needed services to over one million inmates spread over more than two thousand correctional facilities in different states.


The company provides a mode of communication between the outside world and the employees. With the technology provided by the Securus, it is possible for someone on the outside to schedule a visit with an inmate without actually having to travel to the prison by using a video call instead.

Other services provided by the company include but are not limited to the keeping of government information as well as tracking of parolees.

The services provided by Securus are also available to prisoners in Mexico as well as in Canada. With the development of prison technology, prison administration has a much more manageable task. Loved ones of the inmates have also found it easier to stay in touch with their jailed relatives and friends.


Many have come out to attest that the technology provided by Securus has gone a long way in enriching the lives of prisoners. Not only has communication become more possible but it has also enabled administrations to look into the conversations going on. This monitoring helps them prevent crimes before they take place as well as nab criminals who have already committed crimes. Tracking of parolees is also possible. This control enables the administration to keep track of the activities of prisoners who are out on parole.

All in all, Securus Technologies has been a blessing to inmates, their loved ones as well as the associated authorities.


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