Taking Points from Jeffry Schneider’s Leadership skills

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and chief executive officer of an emerging company. Jeffry’s business is in Austin Texas. As the company’s CEO Jeffry has been able to train and employ over fifty persons. Jeffry believes dedication and a good work ethic are the keys to his company’s growth. Social work is also part of what Jeffry Schneider and his company take part in by visiting and interacting with the less fortunate.

Below are guidelines on how to be a good leader:

High ethical standards and morals

The primary purpose of a leader in an organization is to guide junior workers. Therefore, a good leader should always demonstrate good morals.  A leader should be fair thus ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Fairness will promote a sense of direction within oneself and the organization at large. One simple way to notice high ethical standards is behaving or making a decision consistent with one’s values.


In an organization, every employee has a different skill from the other thus it is essential for the leader to identify these skills before delegating a duty to an individual. A way to know one’s abilities is through assessment and training. After the evaluation and training of individuals within a given skill set the leader is then free to delegate duties. By delegating tasks, there is an ease in working and a higher quality output by the organization.

Open to new ideas and approaches

It is vital for a leader to be ready to accept whatever changes that come their way. Resistance to change impedes growth both intellectually and as a company at large. A leader who is flexible will create an environment that provides the safety of trial and error to all employees. Through openness to new ideas creativity is encouraged.


Openness to new ideas goes hand in hand with creativity. Once a new approach is brought to the table, the leader is then tasked with implementation of the concept. In recent times there has been a significant influence on leadership by social media and young people. It is thus crucial for a leader to consider unconventional and non-traditional ways to solve company problems.


It should be every leader’s motto to ‘create a feeling of staying together as a pack in the good and bad times.’ It is also notable that energy flows, therefore, a confident leader translates to positive employees and vice versa. A positive environment will also increase the morale of the employees.


It is crucial for employees to always feel safe to talk to an employer about their ideas. Honesty can only be achieved when these employees respect their leader and can trust them. This means that a manager in an organization has to be open and honest. Let the employees know about you, and they will also let you know whatever they feel. A key point to remember is to smile. Smiling to employees creates a conducive environment for the employees to air out their views.

In conclusion, it is vital for every leader to first focus on improving their work performance and career in order to promote growth and improvement in their employees. This has been the case with Jeffry Schneider. With over twenty-five years’ experience he has been able to amass the knowledge to become a leader.

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