The Unique Lending Solutions of Equities First Holdings Add Value to Many Firms

Equities First Holdings, a leading securities-based lending firm based in London, adds value to many companies with its flexible, unique lending solutions. The company also provides advisory services along with shareholder financing services and margin loans to businesses and individual investors. Equities First Holdings collaborates with some of the biggest investment banks, international law firms, and largest custodian banks in the world. When the company founded in 2012, it was named as Meridian Equity Partners Limited, but after an acquisition in 2014, its name changed to Equities First. The acquisition gave a presence of the firm across the continents including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Currently, it is headquartered in London and has a significant presence in the U.S., China, Australia and and read full article.

In a recent report, the firm confirmed that it has returned all the collateral shares used to issue capital to Paysafe Group PLC. The loan agreement was made in March 2014 that was for a period three years, and recently, Paysafe paid the loan amount in full. Interestingly, Joel Leonoff, the CEO of Paysafe, chose strict instructions to ensure smooth pay back in the loan agreement between him and Equities First Holdings. The update from the firm confirms that the repayment completed on April 19, 2017, and within five days, the collaterals returned to Paysafe. Per the loan agreement, Equities First Holdings withheld 1,500,000, each of them worth 0.01 pence. The return of shares adds the total number of units held by Paysafe to 9,768,580 ordinary shares and  learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The loans offered by Equities First Holdings using equities as collateral has some impressive figures. It offers significantly high LTV of up to 75% with an average interest rate of 3-4 percent. The loans are usually for a fixed period and typically for three years. These factors ensure smooth capital for most of the financial, equity, and hedge fund management firms as Equities First Holdings also provides quick dispersal of funds. As of today, the company has completed more than 700 transactions and dispersed more than $1 billion. The firm has opened its offices in Suite, Singapore, Perth, Bangkok, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Geneva, due to the growth of major capital markets and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

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