Where Tourists In Samoa Can Learn About Samoan Culture And Buy Souvenirs

     Traveling to Samoa for vacation will require quite a bit of air travel if you live in North or South America but it is worth it. Many people first land at the international airport in American Samoa before getting on a small plane which flies to Fagali Airport just outside Apia. Once you’re out of Fagali Airport and have stowed your luggage at your hotel you have a number of options on what to do. There are cultural places to visit, great restaurants, and many outdoor activities.

Two of the main cultural events in Samoa to take part in are the Samoa Cultural Village and Fia Fia Night which is held each Wednesday evening at the Aggie Gray Hotel. Both will immerse you in this island’s culture and teach you new things. Another great place to experience culture is on Mulinu’u Peninsula which is where there is a historic observatory as well the tombs of important leaders of the past.

For those tourists who enjoy shopping there are a number of options. One of these is Marketi Fou sells produce and souvenirs. There are many fruits and vegetables you can buy here that can’t be experienced outside of Samoa. They also sell coconut-shell jewelry, lava-lavas (traditional Samoan clothing for men), hats, wood carvings, and more. Janet’s on Vaea Street is also a good option for those looking to buy souvenirs.

When leaving Samoa it is very likely your hotel is less than 10 minutes from Fagali Airport. It also takes a very short time to process your tickets and clear security. There is always less than 20 fellow passengers as that is the most people flights out of this airport can accommodate. This makes getting through Fagali Airport and back onto your journey home an easy experience.

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